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The Australian team gave the surprise and deservedly beat Argentina in Sapporo to crash into the table at the start of this Group C. Wales and Tello scored in an Argentina round duel in which Argentina never felt comfortable and ended up paying for Ortega’s controversial expulsion just before the break.

The game started as planned in the script: Argentina and Australia dominance are waiting crouched behind to go to the counter after stealing and taking advantage of the spaces. It didn’t take long for the plan to work for them.

Socceroos . saw Double Argentinian butt in the back, central and stripe, and Arzani pause who completed a great matchShe generates danger at Ledesma’s door every time they approach. So it came Wales’ goal, who just had to push her into the net After the defense failed to intercept Duke’s pass to the far post. A jug of cold water at first.

Argentina tried to recover quickly, with more behavior than playing, and Valenzuela equalized a few minutes later with a left-footed shot after a fine cut Which ended up taking the defense as best he could. Australia never let Gaich, he disappeared among the defenders, does not feel comfortable, nor did the trio formed by Mac Allister, Valenzuela and Barco, who repeatedly broke the defensive wall created by Australia from the midfield. That was precisely The Atlanta United player who enjoyed the clearest picture of Argentina, with a superb shot that fell before Glover’s gaze and ended up hitting the crossbar. That’s when Sardan Jovanovic unleashed the frenzy.

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Serbian referee And he blamed Ortega in the opponent in the first half and in the dispute in the same error area, before the ball rolled, he decided to get a new yellow for the Argentine side because of his suffering with McGarry. in the region. Argentina went to rest less than ten, and were about to push it as soon as he left, with Duke Vaseline ending up on the crossbar and a fine shot from Arzani that forced Ledesma to show off.

Batista’s guys changed the chip and went to the game. Faced with the impossibility of piercing an Australian wall that did not wrinkle when cutting plays with hard deeds over and over again, He tested from afar, putting Nihuen Pérez, de la Fuente and Barco Glover in a bind.

The passage of minutes in the second part and the reality of existence with less was He gave the baton to Australia and the superb McGree, who almost surprised Ledesma with a shot from the middle of the field Soon after, the goalkeeper miraculously saved the referee with a shot from Wales. They were two clear warnings for what came right next Another act of an omnipresent duke to leave it when Tilo arrived, who was executed from the front and inside at an angle To end the defeat of the Argentine national team.

Payero’s inclusion in the final stretch again minimally energized Argentina, the latter of which had been hit by a poisoned shot from Gaich, of little he had seen, which Glover took with a beautiful stretch. Argentina stumbles at the start of Tokyo 2020 and will have to improve, and a lot, their image against Egypt on the second date. After they tied against Spain in the other match of Group C.

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