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There are days, or more often in the evening, when you want to watch something different than usual. Something deep but at the same time light, short but intense, something unique but probably not too complicated.

Here, if you’re looking for something like this on Netflix, we have a TV series to suggest: called The time I give you (In English time taken, but the original title is The time I give you), a Spanish series.

A short series in the truest sense of the word because The time I give youIt was released on October 29, and consists of ten episodes of 11 minutes each. Eleven minutes to be exact, to make sure it’s the episode titles, but we’re getting there. First, let’s briefly explain – and it could not be otherwise – the plot of the series.

What is “time that I give you” about

Like we said, the titles without potential for error explain how long the episodes last, and in a sense also advance the story. The first episode is called “One minute in the present and ten minutes in the past”, the second “Two minutes in the present and nine in the past” and so on until the last episode is called “Ten minutes in the present and one in the past”.

Why this distinction between the present and the time of memories? Because the series talks about the end of a love story, that between Lina Ruiz (played by Nadia de Santiago, already seen in girls plugs Also here is the creator and producer of the series) and Nico Torres, played by Alvaro Cervantes (who, out of curiosity, was the protagonist in the Spanish remake. three meters above the sky NS I want you).

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The series begins precisely since their separation, with a quarrel full of bad words that indicate the end of their love after ten years. A moment so bad and painful that Lena inevitably ends up healing her wounds by reflecting on the past. At the beginning of their story, at the first meeting, the first kiss, and gradually the good and the less beautiful moments of their love.

As the titles of the episodes reveal, over the days Lina manages to live more and more in the present, “contain” the regret and in general the memory of the past. We can stop here but we invite you to watch Official Announcement from The time I give youAvailable on YouTube in Spanish with English subtitles.

Why watch The Time I Give You on Netflix

As you might have guessed, we are not talking about a funny series, let alone a comedy, on the contrary we can safely define it as a drama.

Almost all of us have had a moment in our lives like the one started by the show, where we shout unpleasant things to the person we’ve loved for so long. And almost everyone, after the breakup, found ourselves crying as we remembered the happy moments we had together.

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Here, we can look The time I give you kind of treatment. Whether you’re going through a breakup, or you’ve experienced it in the past, this series somehow manages a very simple concept: Pain is okay, memory is good, but the only way to get over it is to move on. See what fate has in store for us.

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In this sense, the extremely short duration of the episodes pays off The time I give you “Much lighter”: in total it continues like a movie, but the subdivision into ten episodes (by the way, it may interest you The most dangerous game on Prime Video) allows viewers to breathe, isolate moments from the story and somehow “digest” bitter vaccines more easily, without overburdening the heart, as well as the stomach too much.

Thus, at the end of it all, one can accept the end (which we obviously do not spoil) calmly, with a richer and therefore more whole acquired consciousness. As if the wounds from the separation had healed, allowing the skin to be able to absorb life again, with all the risks that existence brings with it.

Rating: 7

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