Surviving Death on Netflix, A Scientific and Spiritual Investigation into the Afterlife | Movie trailer

Docu string Surviving death It will arrive on Netflix after that January 6 And if we know little about it yet, the latest trailer for a trailer has finally lifted the veil of mystery that surrounds it. Surviving death It was created by director and executive producer Ricky Stern ( Ru reverse And the Joan Rivers: A Work Piece It is adapted from the novel of the same name by Leslie Kane.

It is presented as a docu series that through its six episodes it will analyze unresolved cases of NDEs, intermediate communications, and more. A detailed investigation that develops through interviews, scientific experiments, and above all, different points of view. In fact, the strong point of the series will be represented by Two methods of investigation, On the one hand scientific, On the other hand my soul.

Netflix’s attempt to balance all viewpoints on one of the most poignant topics, the afterlife topic. The first trailer is very exciting so waiting for the imminent release on Netflix we leave you to see it. By the way, if you haven’t updated yet, here is all the upcoming January content on Netflix.

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