The self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic accuses Kiev of attacking towns with heavy weapons

La república autoproclamada de Donetsk acusa a Kiev de atacar localidades con uso de armas pesadas


February 20 2022 00:40 GMT

Three cities came under fire from the Ukrainian army, according to representatives of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime.

Units of the Ukrainian armed forces continue to launch attacks on the towns of the Donetsk People’s Republic, including using heavy weapons, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian. mentioned On Sunday evening, representatives of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of the Joint Control and Coordination Center of the ceasefire regime.

In particular, they determined that the Ukrainian army began Three attacks in less than an hour Against the town of Staromikhailovka, near the city of Donetsk. On the other hand, the town of Petrovskoye and Komonarovka, south of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, came under fire from the Ukrainian army.

Among the weapons used by Kiev were mortars and 120 mm shells fired from it Anti-tank grenade launcher.

Meanwhile, today also reported on the downfall of Ukraine’s Minister of the Interior, Denis Monastorsky Under pressure at bay In the Donbass with deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (the Verkhovna Rada) and representatives of foreign media. They were all evacuated to a safe place.

CNN Hinge Subsequently, his journalists and colleagues from Agence France-Presse were accompanied by the minister at the time of the attack. They reported that “a group of journalists, including from Agence France-Presse and CNN, came under mortar fire on Saturday while escorting Ukraine’s interior minister to the front line.”

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Meanwhile, from the European Union convicted The use of heavy weapons and the “indiscriminate” attack on civilian areas, which means “A clear violation of the Minsk agreements and international humanitarian law.” On the other hand, the community bloc praised “Ukraine’s containment stance in the face of continuous provocations and efforts to destabilize.”

  • This Friday, the leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk urging On the evacuation of residents to Russia before Possible Kiev attackBut he urged men to stay and protect their lands. According to Donetsk leader Denis Pushlin, the situation is critical and Kiev could launch a full-scale offensive against Donbass at any moment.
  • While the citizens evacuation to Russia, They have intensified Attacks on the territory of the Donbass from the positions of the Ukrainian government forces.
  • Donetsk People’s Militia spokesman Eduard Basurin announce Last Saturday, the DRC obtained the offensive plan from Ukrainian forces, which is intended to “cleanse” the region of its Russian-speaking population.
  • Minsk agreements of 2015 statesAmong other things, the parties to the conflict should withdraw their heavy weapons to create a security zone.

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