The presidents of Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador condemned the Maduro regime during the Ibero-American Summit.

The presidents of Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile set aside time for their letters before the 27th Ibero-American Summit condemning the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, represented in the International Forum. Luis Lacalle Poe, Evan Duque, Lenin Moreno, and Sebastian Pinera all referred to the regime, either by rejecting its presence there or by calling for a democratic solution to the Caribbean country.

The President of Uruguay Maduro urged “the doors to democracy be opened expeditiously” in the Caribbean nation.

After he delivered a message expressing his regret for the “individualism” in which states had incurred to search for resources to confront the epidemic – despite the fact that “global health is linked” – and asked for “decisions in the short, medium and long term” to express international oil through institutions Lacal Bo expressed:I do not want to conclude without emphasizing an issue that concerns our country, the government and the international community.“.

“We would like to speak by looking into each other’s eyes. It is easier to send and receive responses, but in the face of impossibility, we must clearly affirm and appeal to the possibility that Mr Maduro or his representative, I tell you on behalf of our government that we must urgently open the doors to democracyThe President, who conveyed his message practically because of the almost direct format of the summit in Andorra, said.

Capture of Lacali Bo's speech at the Ibero-American Summit
Capture of Lacali Bo’s speech at the Ibero-American Summit

The Maduro regime, represented by Vice President Delsey Rodriguez, did not respond to Lacal Poe’s interrogation during his speech. He has harshly criticized Colombian President Ivan Duque, as do various Chavezmo representatives. ““If humanity sees itself in Doki as a mirror, the results will undoubtedly be horrific,” Rodriguez said..

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The Colombian president also said words referring to dictatorship, noting during his time in front of the microphone that “all countries should adopt democracy and reject any expression of dictatorship.” Duque added that “inaction makes us the legitimate ones,” and he also called on states to make donations to meet the demand for resources which means the arrival of “millions of Venezuelan brothers who came out of the dictatorship.”

Sebastian Pinera For her part, she expressed her “full and comprehensive commitment to freedom and human rights values ​​in Venezuela.” Lenin Moreno He expressed his regret that “the delegate of the Maduro government, who is not committed to political morals or good governance, not to mention the respect for the human rights of that people that he claims to represent, has joined this summit.”

The four countries are part of Lima group I am the International Contact GroupTwo international bodies seeking to find a solution to the current situation in which the Caribbean state is drowning, which has caused the mass displacement of its inhabitants, in addition to deep and parallel political, economic, social and health crises.

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