The French foreign minister insists that “today there is no indication” that Russia will invade Ukraine


February 15, 2022 00:41 GMT

Le Drian emphasized that the primary way to avoid conflict is dialogue.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian claimed This Monday through the broadcast of the program ka fuFrance 5 said “nothing indicates today” that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to launch an attack on Ukraine.

However, the senior diplomat did not completely rule out this possibility. “If the question is: Are all the elements there to launch a strong attack by Russian forces in Ukraine? Yes.. that’s right.. it is possible there” Quest France.

By the same token, he believed that Putin “want to Prevent Ukraine from obtaining its sovereigntyits integrity”, to have a “remaining country” besides Russia (a term referring to countries that have experienced sudden reductions in their territory).

At the same time, the Minister urged everyone tostop escalation”, although he also emphasized that France, like its European partners, would soon take “immediate action” in the event of a Russian attack. However, Le Drian emphasized that the primary way to avoid conflict – which, he said, would be “disastrous” “Everyone – is a dialogue.

  • Speculation about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine in the West has escalated since November, although it has been rejected by both Moscow and Kiev.
  • Amid media concerns, dozens of countries around the world have recommended their citizens to leave Ukrainian territory in recent days.
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