The end is still far away, but Jan has an idea

Longtime The Simpsons screenwriter Al Jean shared his vision for the series’ ending. Don’t worry: it’s still far away and it’s not known if it will be used

When you think of the television series that made television history, there’s a lot that comes to mind, but one in particular has probably become almost synonymous with television itself over the years, so much has been (and still is) importance in the schedule: I am Simpson.

yellow family of Springfield For the first time on TV in the far 1989reach height 33 seasons and overcome me 700 episodes, numbers that make it the longest-running prime-time television series in American television history. bid won 34 Emmy Awards, has produced a movie, several video games, comics, theme park attractions, and an unspecified amount of merchandise products.

As mentioned, we are now in the trajectory of the 33rd season, which began last September 26, and the show does not seem to have lost its satirical vitality and desire to ridicule the phenomena of the moment. This season, for example, one episode targeted real crime documentaries Netflix.

However, it is inevitable to ask questions about future From the series: It is actually a show that has run for more than thirty years, in which a certain loss of polish has been perceived for some time now, so many are wondering if the producers are thinking of something to sooner or later permanently close the history of animation, a mirror of modern society for a long time .

In truth, there doesn’t seem to be much rush on the part of the producers and authors themselves, because despite some criticism, The Simpsons is still in excellent health: Listen They’re still rewarded, and last TV season, they also took home another Emmy, a sign that perhaps the same quality wasn’t maintained for an entire season, but in the single episode the show was still unbeatable.

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It was true though The genies, one of the series’ historical screenwriters, to share in a recent interview some considerations about its final ending, that he also said he has a possible ending in mind, which will see The Simpsons attend christmas article From the first episode of the series, where it all began, as if it were the closure of a circle.

The Simpsons: Al Jean on Possible Closure

Well, it might be like the Heisenberg principle, now that I say it’s unlikely to happen, but I think it might be a good thing if the show didn’t have a real ending, like an episode. In the animated series, you don’t want the characters to grow up and progress in Age, you’ve always wanted to have Bugs Bunny like you’ve always had. So I thought it would be a perfect ending to the show. Thankfully, no one has yet given us the task of finding an end to this series quickly. No one says ‘Okay, let’s close it.’ So we’ll see” .

In short, the circuit you don’t want to close at least for the time being. Al Jean also discussed the situation of The Simpsons after the acquisition of Fox from Disney, confirming that the writers have been given a carte blanche to continue creating their own show without any restrictions from the entertainment giant.

The Simpsons: Al Jane talks about the creative freedom left by Disney

When Fox was bought we were told, ‘You are who you are.’ be yourself. And we’re going to try to let you do what you do best”, and that’s exactly what happened. A tangible side effect of the acquisition is that we have another 120 million viewers on Disney Plus, which is great, and I’m really happy with that. And we’re number one on Disney Plus heading our trends in Both the US and the UK, which are the only two schemes I look at.”

In short, if you are a fan of the series, you can rest assured: I’m Simpson At the moment they have no desire to retire.

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