Dakota Johnson praised “destroying” Ellen DeGeneres a year ago

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Fans are celebrating one year anniversary of the so-called “cultural reset” when the “Fifty Shades of Gray” actress tore the comedian away to accuse her of not inviting Eileen to her birthday party.

Ice Showbiz A year has passed since then Dakota JohnsonVisit to ”The Ellen DeGeneres Show“It was full of embarrassing moments, but people couldn’t forget it, especially in the aftermath Ellen DeGeneresThe fall after allegations of hostility in the workplace. On Friday November 27, fans celebrated the first anniversary of the actress “destroying” the comedian on her talk show.

In the aforementioned episode, Dakota clapped when Eileen accused her of not inviting the TV presenter to her 30th birthday party. “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Eileen.”suspense“The star denied Eileen’s claim.” You were invited, so the 31-year-old actress said to Young Eileen.

Dakota explained, “I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited. I didn’t even know you liked me.” While she confessed that she hadn’t invited Eileen to her birthday party a year earlier, she insisted, “But I did invite you and she didn’t come.”

Eileen, who apparently had no recollection of receiving the invitation, asked, “This time, did you call me?” Dakota then asked the show’s cast to support her story, before one of the producers said that Eileen hadn’t come to the party because she was “out of town.”

To celebrate the anniversary of the interview, someone tweeted on Thursday with pictures from the episode, “Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of this cultural change.” Another user celebrated it, writing, “Happy New Year’s anniversary for” Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen “November 27, 2019 is a national holiday in my humble opinion.”

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“Happy One Year Anniversary for Dakota Johnson Destroying Ellen DeGeneres!” Exclaimed a third user. Another person said, “It’s November 27th, happy memory of Dakota Johnson ruined Ellen,” while another added, “Happy memory of Dakota Johnson’s cycling Ellen.

Others praised Dakota for “canceling” Eileen with her sharp answers. “The day Dakota Johnson canceled Ellen in her own show. We’re Stan!” One person raved. Another flowed, “The way Dakota Johnson was literally the catalyst for Eileen skskskks 50 Shades of Wonderful Work.” Another likewise said of the actress, “Dakota Johnson single-handedly made Ellen’s fall in motion,” adding emojis of hands clapping.

Eileen came under fire earlier this year after allegations of a toxic work environment by former employees and guests. After an internal investigation, three senior employees left the show. The 62-year-old apologized during the 18th season premiere in September and vowed to make it a workplace “where everyone is treated with respect.”

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