Apple $180,000 Prize for Engineers

$180,000 prize for Apple engineers to avoid switching to Meta. A decision was made after several farewells.

Rome – A prize for Apple engineers to avoid moving to the Meta. According to reports from sun 24 hoursThe company would have decided to award a $180,000 bonus to all employees to put an end to the goodbyes recorded in recent months.

About 100 engineers bid farewell to the multinational Silicon Valley To accept a competition proposal. Hope is to be able to maintain its employees also to avoid promoting other companies in this sector.

Award for Engineers

Prize of 180 thousand dollars To be able to convince engineers to stay at Apple. The economic situation, even for Covid, is not the simplest and that is why in recent weeks there are many professionals who have announced their intention to leave Apple to marry a new project.

The danger is that you will find yourself without engineers and then choose to give a bonus to all these professionals. It remains to be seen whether this attempt will succeed in achieving its objective or whether there will be a mass exodus towards competition.

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Apple closes its stores in New York

A decision comes at a time that is certainly not easy for Silicon Valley. In fact, for the Omicron variant, Apple forced the closure of stores in New York and This choice risks important consequences from an economic point of view.

And in the coming days, other lockdowns are not ruled out as the boom in South Africa continues to hamper the recovery of the economy of the United States and other countries. The hope, of course, is that we can leave this difficult moment behind as quickly as possible.

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