The crew is already in action in Australia

The crew is already in action in Australia

Story of the Novak Djokovic ai Australian Open 2022 will become a chain on Netflix. The number one status in the world will be an integral part of the tennis documentary that the streaming platform has already started shooting. According to the Daily Mail, The crew has been at work for days He had already filmed several unreleased scenes that will reveal behind the scenes of the story.

The idea of ​​Netflix was to make a series similar to “Drive to Survive”, which tells the world of Formula 1 from the inside. It is clear that none of the production expected such an event, But now documentaries can become one of the most awaited series.

The Djokovic Affair Has Become a Netflix Series

The series will be produced by London-based Box To Box Films, and executive producer James Jay Reese, who also made the series in F1. The success of the latter prompted the producers to move to tennis. The crew will be following the ring throughout the season and will obviously also tell a story no fax The most famous at that moment. The same production company produced a film about the lives of Steven Gerrard and Cristiano Ronaldo.

And he had talked about the possibility of filming the tennis series before Christmas Britain’s Andy Murray. “A lot of people have talked about Drive to Survive. I watched some episodes myself, I enjoyed them and something like that would be really helpful for tennis as well.” was satisfied.

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Latest updates

Meanwhile, the case Djokovic Still it’s all said. The risk of being expelled from Australia was still high, but in the meantime he got a chance to play in the first round. In the next few days, the immigration minister will take over the case, but for now the player remains in the draw for the tournament, which begins next Monday.

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