The classification of the countries of the Ministry of Health, which will become effective on 27/9/21 • Who is required for complete isolation and who is required to be examined? – Haifa

red countries

Travel to these countries is prohibited, even for vaccinated and recovered people (except for those who have obtained approval from the Exceptions Committee).

All returnees from these countries will be charged in complete isolation:
Bulgaria, Brazil and Turkey.

On 9/27/21, Mexico will leave the list of red countries and move to the list of orange countries.

orange countries

The Ministry of Health states that from 3/9/2021, a vaccinated or recovered person returning from an orange country must be isolated until a negative PCR result is obtained or until 24 hours have elapsed from their entry into Israel, provided that one of them has met the following conditions:

1. Immunization with a third dose (“booster”)
2. She was vaccinated with a second dose and no more than six months have passed since the day of the second vaccination
3. Recovering from a vaccine dose

• holder of a certificate of healing or an Israeli certificate of vaccination, who left Israel after 7 days of vaccination or returned to it after 14 days of vaccination (excluding the day of vaccination)

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4. Recovering based on PCR test

• Holds a recovery certificate from the Ministry of Health on the basis of a PCR test that was performed in Israel or documented in Israel, and no more than six months have passed since the date of receiving the recovery certificate.

yellow countries

Anyone who does not abide by these terms must be completely removed from Orange Country to Israel.

Complete isolation lasts for 14 days and can be shortened by two negative PCR tests. One on the day of landing and the other on the seventh. Upon receiving a negative result, the isolation ends.

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Vaccination and recovery must be in isolation until a negative result is obtained or 24 hours (whichever is earlier), those who have not been vaccinated or recovered must be in complete isolation:

Austria, Uruguay, Bahrain, Gabon, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Cyprus.

On 27/9/21 no change will be made to the yellow country list.

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