An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale hits southeastern Australia

Where is the epicenter of the earthquake in Australia?

earthquake A shallow depth shook southeast Australia on Wednesday morning, Near the second city in the country MelbourneWhere did some people go? Running in the street because of the shaking of buildings.

earthquake unusual in the country, happened around 09:00 (23:00 GMT Tuesday) East Melbourne and felt hundreds of miles away.

According to the USGS, Its magnitude was 5.8 degrees in the Victoria region and 10 kilometers deep. Additionally, a 4.0-magnitude aftershock followed about 15 minutes later.

telluric motion I felt it in the states of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia, According to Australian Public Radio ABC.

An earthquake damaged building in southeastern Australia
An earthquake damaged building in southeastern Australia

The epicenter of the earthquake was located in Mansfield, about 150 kilometers northeast of Melbourne. The Bureau of Meteorology reported that there was no danger of a tsunami.

According to local media, Thousands of people reported feeling movement in five Australian states and territories.

Photos of the restaurant were recorded on social media My home burger in South Yarra is surrounded by rubble and one side of the building was badly damaged.

It is the largest earthquake recorded by Australia since 1997, According to data from GeoNet, the Geological Survey of neighboring New Zealand.

Damage to Betty's Burgers in Melbourne (AAP Image/James Ross)
Damage to Betty’s Burgers in Melbourne (AAP Image/James Ross)

In addition, local media reported that There have been multiple reports of damaged buildings, although no deaths have been reported.

For his part, Mayor Mansfield, Mark Holcomb, Diego A Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It has no information about damage in the city.

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“We were all working and everything started shaking”, said to France Press agency Parker Mayo is a 30-year-old coffee shop writer. “He was very violent, but we were all shocked,” he added.

Earthquakes of this size Unusual town in southeastern AustraliaThis contributed to the panic of the citizens.

Ross, A 60-year-old man who resides on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria told Radio ABC From Melbourne, which was the biggest earthquake I’ve ever experienced.

Damage to buildings in Melbourne, Australia due to earthquake (AAP photo/James Ross) No archive No use Australia.  Do not use New Zealand.
Damage to buildings in Melbourne, Australia due to earthquake (AAP photo/James Ross) No archive No use Australia. Do not use New Zealand.

“We just moved into a round earth house on a concrete slab and Everything is swaying and rolling and the water in the pool swaying back and forth… I couldn’t believe it”This inhabitant is stuck in Australia, a country where earthquakes are not frequent.

“I was sitting at my desk at work and I had to run. It took me a while to figure out what it was‘ He told the public channel ABC Mark Mansfield, Mayor of Mansfield, near the epicenter.

For his part, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is on a tour in the United States, said that reports received indicate that No “serious injuries or things of this nature” were recorded.

Emergency services indicated that they have She received calls for help from places 700 km from the epicenter.

(with information from the AFP and EFE)

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