The cat killed a bat that traveled a record distance of 2000 km

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A picture of a bat Nathusius pipistrel

A cat has killed a bat that flew in a record flight of more than 2018 kilometers from London to Russia.

A female bat ‘Nathusius pipistrel’ the size of a human thumb was found in the Skov region of Russia.

There was a “London Zoo” sign on this bat’s pavilion. She was found by an animal protection group but could not be rescued.

It weighed 8 grams and was found by Russian resident Svetlana Lapina in a small village called Molgino. Report this to the Bat Conservation Trust in Britain.

Lisa Verledge, Head of Conservation Services for the Bat Conservation Trust, said: “This is a fantastic ride, and as far as we know it is the longest distance covered by any British racket in the whole of Europe. He was a fantastic Olympian.”

“Their journey is an exciting scientific discovery and a little piece of the bat migration puzzle.”

image source, Getty Images

Climate change

He’s had a scar on his wing since bat recorder Brian Briggs shaved him off in London in 2016.

“It’s very exciting,” Briggs said. “It’s very rewarding to contribute to international conservation work to protect these extraordinary animals and learn more about their wonderful lives.”

There is only one other bat in Europe that has traveled a greater distance according to the available information.

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How accurate is it blaming bats for the coronavirus?

The bat Nathusius Pipistrel traveled 2,224 kilometers from Latvia to Spain in 2019.

Due to climate change, this species is said to have a bad influence.

The National Nathusius pipistrel project, launched in 2014 to understand their breeding, migration and other behaviours, has identified more than 2,600 bats in the UK.

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