Adventure lovers … this park is for you | X Quarry | The first off-road and adventure park in the United Arab Emirates

Sharjah: The UAE’s first off-road adventure park “X Quarry” will open on February 5th in Maliha, Sharjah. Adventurous travelers of all ages can enjoy off-road tracking, trekking, distance car racing, mountain biking and hiking. The park is a joint venture between the Sharjah Investment Development Department (Shurooq) and the Mleiha Archeology Center.

Haramekum Obstacle Run Track

The two kilometer birthing track will also add to the charm. Excise Quarry has created a special remote car racing track that has become exciting with youngsters and kids alike. Exquisite Quarry is the first park in the United Arab Emirates to host such a wide variety of adventure experiences.

Many unique and varied stories are set against the backdrop of the beautiful Mleiha desert. Ahmed Al Sagheer, Shurooq Chief Operating Officer, said that X Quarry will be a new reason to visit Mleiha, which is famous for its historical and desert views. Here you can learn to drive with four wheels and practice it. Daniel Burkover, managing partner at X Quarry Adventure Park, said each one is designed for people of all ages to enjoy.

Entrance will be free on February 5 and 6, coinciding with the park opening, which is open on weekends. Contact for information and registration –

Crush the off-road track

The park covers an area of ​​one million square meters in the desert of Sharjah Mleiha. The main attraction is Thakarpan Road, which is 15 km long. There will be 20 obstacles to overcome in this distance from rocks, rocks and mud. Since the park is located on a beautiful sandy beach, you can also enjoy desert safaris if you want. Apart from this, there is a 10 km mountain biking trail and trekking and hiking trail to conquer the hill.

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