TousAntiCovid has a widget to quickly present your health card

From today Monday 9 August, that The health pass extends to new places, including bars, restaurants and public transportation for long trips. On iOS like in AndroidRecently, the TousAntiCovid app has a new widget that displays the popular QR code. No need to open the app to present your card so you can get it right on your home screen or in your widget menu.

To add a widget to your iPhone’s home screen, press and hold an icon or wallpaper until the icons vibrate, then tap the + button on the top left and select the AllAntiCovid widget. In order for the tool to display a QR code, the certificate must first be marked as a favorite in the application, in the Notebook section. Only European-level certification can be added to the tool.

If you don’t see this new tool (which wasn’t clearly announced in the release notes), force update From TousAntiCovid it must appear… or not. How gadgets work on iOS seems to be a hit and a miss. Some of the updated users do not have the new widget, while the other two widgets displaying news have disappeared by activating the new widget.

Remember that the TousAntiCovid application is not mandatory to store and submit a health declaration. You can do the same with a QR code saved in another app, through Abbreviation, adding Scroll to Wallet Or simply by showing the paper certificate.

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