The best music movies to watch on Netflix

Music, especially in recent years, has also entered other areas of our lives. Especially, The biographies and films devoted to the history, private and artistic, of many singers and groups in the music scene have greatly increased, Italian and International.

Just think about the amazing success you’ve had Bohemian Rhapsody H Rocket Man, Released in 2018 and 2019, respectively. They both (re) draw audience attention to the startling story of two great artists such as Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

As if that weren’t enough, in addition to the tremendous success at the box office, Bohemian Rhapdsody It was a hit at the Oscars, a good win Four awards, including the Rami Malek Award for Best Actor.

These two are just one example of the vast amount of musical films produced. Among the many, we find a less recent example I’m not herePhoto by Bob Dylan, O. control, A feature film that tells the story of Ian Curtis from Joy Division. But also 8 milesWhere Eminem plays himself and recounts the beginnings of his career.

In short, films that tell the fascinating stories of artists and music groups abound and they should all be discovered. Obviously, interest in these products could not be lost Netflix, which has produced several must-watch music movies over the past few years.

We introduce you to some 6, plus a bonus, Hoping that they will feed your curiosity and convince you to keep watching, and bring back all the films about artists and bands that you haven’t seen until today.

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Shawn Mendes, In confusion

Let’s start with one of the most popular pop artists in recent years. Docufilm has been run Shawn Mendes, Between flashbacks and anecdotes, the singer’s world tour in 2019. The beauty of this feature film, along with the joy of discovering some of the little pieces that make up his last album, Wonders, Is the sweetness and the ability to talk about a pop star.

For starters, in fact, nearly at the end of this very important tour of around 100 appointments, Mendes had what was probably The most terrible problem that a singer can face: he lost his voice.

Hence, it is not just docufilm It tells us who the artist Shawn Mendes is, but it also tells us who the man Shawn Mendes is, Shows us all her weaknesses, but also the gorgeous beauty of her relationship with Camila Cabello and her fervent desire to appear on stage and share her music with fans.

Miss Americana

2020 was definitely the year of Taylor Swift. The singer took off the role of “the doll” From pop to providing us with two albums, folklore H foreverMore introspective, and definitely out of his comfort zone.

Miss Americana, A documentary that chronicles her career, as well as her life over the years, was released in January 2020. More than a year later, it’s still a movie that can be seen as it finally shows Taylor Swift who is more aware and free to say so. What you like when you like. Hymn to freedom in the form of a movie We Needed.

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Peggy: I have a story to tell

Much has probably been said and written about the history of Notorius BIG. There are also many films and documentaries that have been released by him. The latest release, in chronological order and recently released on Netflix, is exactly that Peggy: I have a story to tell. An unprecedented tribute to the famous rapper who passed away at the age of 25 during a shooting. A film that tells the story of the rapper through rare video clips and exclusive interviews with his closest friends and family, and reveals to the world even the aspects that remained unknown despite his great fame.

Fans and non-fans are sure to appreciate this movie for the story consisting of Biggie, which has become even more powerful thanks to Unpublished movies also filmed by one of his closest friends, Damion “De Rock” Butler, among other things..

Homecoming: The Beyoncé Film

Could Queen Bey be missing from this list? of course not. HomecomingReleased in 2019, it tells the story of Beyoncé’s performance during the Coachella Festival in 2018 in an intimate and in-depth way..

This documentary has been well received by critics and fans. In just over two hours, this documentary will transport you to the Coachella Theater, where the singer delighted the audience with a very gritty and exciting performance. You will not be able to take your eyes off the screenWe assure you.

Gaga: Five feet two

Hoping to be able to see her again soon at the cinema at Gucci HouseRidley Scott’s new feature film, also filmed in our country, you can enjoy it The 2017 documentary focused entirely on the American singer.

The film follows Lady Gaga’s life over the course of an entire year. In fact, the film displays several important moments for the singer-songwriter: Who made his album Joan To Super Bowl performance, from the filming of Season 6 of American horror story For some moments of his daily life. Additionally, a portion of the documentary is dedicated to fibromyalgia, a syndrome that the singer suffers from.

In a forty hour Gaga: Five feet two It tells in 360 degrees about the world of pop star, made with sequins and fame, but also about difficult moments physically and emotionally. A great way to find out more about her story, is to be able to see the woman behind the artist on screen.

Travis Scott: Look, mom, I can fly

Travis Scott’s documentary couldn’t be missing from this list. An artist who made his mark in 2020, especially thanks to his Fortnite appearances and the unprecedented collaboration with McDonald’s.

Travis Scott: Look, mom, I can fly, Released in 2019 and directed by White Trash Tyles, produced by the same rapper W. He tells about his career from 2014, distant to the great success he achieved with his third album, Astroworld. Between pictures from live shows, moments with his family and in the studio, there are still memories of his childhood and moments shared with fans.

Bonus: Song Exploder

If you are among those who want to “know in detail” the history of your favorite songs, Song burst It is definitely yours. Born as a podcast and created by Hrishikesh Hairway, it arrived on Netflix in 2020., With a series of episodes in which top artists “deconstruct” their songs, informing the creative process behind their major successes.

On Netflix, for now, there are the first two seasons of the format. The first is seen as heroes: Alicia Keys, i REM, Ty Dolla $ ign, and Lil-Manuel Miranda. But in the second we find: Dua Lipa, i Killers, i Nine Inch Nails and Natalia Lafourcade.

The episodes, which last about 30 minutes, are perfect for them Watch “In Focus” the great successes of world music, from different periods and genres.

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