Simona Rodano brings Italian language and culture to American homes

Simona Rodano, world famous singer and multi award winner is back! From her tiny apartment in Queens, the artist, also known as The Italian Fairy®, spreads her love for Italy and appreciation for the Italian lifestyle through educational entertainment. It features unique online educational offerings for young learners from all over the world. The Italian Fairy® aspires to share her love for Italian culture through her YouTube channel in the hope of bringing children from different communities together to share her fun educational style. As a native Italian speaker, language lover and advocate of education, The Italian Fairy® wants to communicate the importance of cultural diversity and an appreciation of language in everything it creates. Through innovative learning through music and movement songs, Rodano combines delicate colors, numbers, characters and themes such as recycling and a healthy lifestyle to provide knowledge and joy to its audience.

In the mid-1940’s, La Fata Italiana – The Italian Fairy® supported several public and private schools in the three-state New York area in cooperation with the Italian-American Commission on Education and also in Washington, DC and Toronto. I have given a performance to thousands of students (K-12) whose teachers cannot wait to resume their studies in Italian, even during the current health epidemic. Additionally, through her weekly online lessons, Rodano educates children, parents and educators about Italian cultures and shows them how to share love and authentic cultures with each other.

Her students’ enthusiasm is demonstrated through their smiles, passionate cheers and their interaction with The Italian Fairy® as she teaches and entertains them with her unconditional love of teaching Italian subjects. As the field of education is directed towards technological resources, edutainment becomes the new support for digital learning. The article “Educational entertainment as a modern educational technology” states: “There is currently a shift in the education sector towards more interactive, participatory and experiential learning methods in many countries. John Dewey, one of the pioneering American philosophers, also stressed the importance of initiative and emotions during training and emphasized However, learning (meaning lifelong learning) is an essential component of human existence.The article also emphasizes the value of basic skills and problem-solving techniques that energy learning provides to students, stating that learning should not be a negative experience, but an opportunity. Exciting and fun.

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Simona Rodano, award-winning singer and actress, lives in Astoria, New York. Originally from Turin, Italy, she moved to New York City in 1999 as a biologist, but her invitation to devote herself to music brought her back to Italy to work in entertainment on Italian national television. In 2006, Rodano returned to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall, stadiums such as City Field and other prestigious venues in the United States and Canada. In 2008 he founded Incanto Productions, a company that specializes in educational and entertainment products and services for children (K-12). As a community celebrity, the beloved Rodano created La Fata Italiana – The Italian Fairy®. Since 2008, more than 80,000 children (K-12) have attended Italian fairy tales in New York. The Italian Fairy® is looking to partner with organizations and distribution networks to expand its bilingual educational and entertainment services across the country, to spread its love for learning and passion for Italian culture in every home. American.

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