The ancestral authorities insist on the departure of the President of Guatemala – Prensa Latina

They specified in the text that the head of state was not able to meet the needs of the population, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The government of Alejandro Giamatti, in addition to being an agent of corrupt charter interests, positions the state in favor of a few, corrupts natural assets and gives foreign capital wealth and privileged access to the plunder of our resources. ‘, manifested.

In his opinion, the ruler appears as an “ineffective and disastrous head of the nation,” and they asserted that for his sake he must resign.

Let him go, be worthy, realize that he no longer has the power. There is a lack of registration of the deceased and we have no idea what happened; If he resigns, he no longer serves as president, as the leader of the country, ‘believe it.

In addition to the president, the ancestral authorities are requesting the departure of the Public Prosecutor, Maria Consuelo Porras, despite warning that she will not be the only official to be sacked.

There is also no development ministry that guarantees welfare in rural areas; We see the Minister of Economy fall into crime. They added, “We are seeing a prosecutor working for impunity, it is absurd, but this is the reality the country is going through.”

They described the Ministry of the Interior as characterized by the “excessive use of force and repression with which it dealt with the Chorti people”.

They declared, “We declare ourselves in a permanent national assembly and are working on measures to resist legal mobilization throughout the country.”

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For now, they have called for a peaceful demonstration tomorrow in the capital’s Plaza de la Constituci√≥n.

They also confirmed their rejection of the activities promoted by the government of Alejandro Giamatti on the occasion of the bicentenary of independence, on September 15, because it is about Creole independence.

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