IRW-News: Sienna Resources: Sienna commissions Radai Ltd. From Oulu in Finland for the planned work program in Finland

IRW-press: Siena Resources: Siena hires Radai Ltd. From Oulu in Finland for the planned work program in Finland
Vancouver (British Columbia), 9. July 2021. Siena Resources Inc. (TSX-V: SIE, USA: SNNAF, Germany: A1XCQ0) (Sienna or Company) is pleased to announce that Radai Ltd. From Oulu in Finland for the planned work program in Finland. This program is scheduled to start soon.

Jason Gigliotti, President of Sienna, said: “We are pleased to announce that Radai Ltd. In charge of supporting the planned work program in Finland. Radai has extensive local knowledge of the area and protocols and we look forward to working with them directly on this exciting project. On July 7, 2021, Palladium One Mining Inc. (TSX-V:PDM) reports that new research confirms an increase in IP chargeability of more than 75% in the Kaukua South anomalous region, which is now more than 7 km in length. Sienna property actually surrounds the property Palladium One (see map) and we are excited to begin operations at the Sienna franchise soon. In addition to starting this project, we are currently completing our gold drilling program in Norway and expect to begin operations in Ontario soon. This summer will undoubtedly be a very active time for Siena.

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The main focus of Siena Resources It is directed to the exploration and development of high-quality deposits in politically stable, environmentally responsible and ethical mining areas. Sienna has partnered with a NYSE-listed mining company for two separate projects in Scandinavia, including the original gold-producing Bleka and Vekselmyr projects in southern Norway, the greenstone-containing gold systems and the platinum-group element – the Kuusamo project in Finland, immediately adjacent The LK project which is being developed by Palladium One Mining Inc. This is one of Siena’s projects in North America platinum– North Palladium Marathon real estate that comes close to 7.1 million ounces PalladiumEquivalent heavy marathon deposits from Generation Mining Ltd. the border. Siena also has a lithium project in Clayton Valley, Nevada, the site of the only production brine lithium basin in North America, not far from Albemarle Corp’s facility. Silver Peak management and Tesla Motors Inc.’s Gigafactory plant advises. It is explicit that previous findings or discoveries on properties near Sienna’s projects do not necessarily indicate the presence of mineralization on the Company’s properties.

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