The Amazing Race Season 32 Premiere Summary – “One Million Miles”

The movie premieres on Wednesday The wonderful race Not only did it start the dormant series for a long time, but it also made a milestone in the show’s path: The a race Now traveled over Million miles around the world. Talk about a serious character in the passport! (Read what host Phil Keoghan said about this and more in our recent interview.)

While a certain pandemic has unfortunately delayed the production of Season 33 in the middle of filming, luckily we have 11 hungry new teams and a new adventure here to guide us. So what did the states do? this is Season-air contestants got, and which team was the last to hit the carpet at the premiere? Let’s summarize.

At the top of the episode, we meet ex-NFL professionals DeAngelo and Gary, who told us that “Everything we do is about winning”; Kaylynn and Haley, two street smart ladies who say they’re from “The Hard Hit School”; And Leo and Alana, the two “nerd types” are looking to downplay them. (For a full update of who it is, click here.)

Freshmen meet Phil at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and immediately start deciding how big each other will be. The host tells them that they are about to embark on a life-changing 33,000-mile mission. “The world is waiting for you,” he says. “good luck!”

And you stop … | Guide # 1 tells them to make their way to the island of Trinidad off the northeast coast of Venezuela. Upon arrival, the team immediately hopped into taxis in search of a 24-hour fruit stall. The following guide instructs them to roll barrels of oil a quarter of a mile down the street and deliver them to a street party on a Saturday night. There, in a sea of ​​hundreds of party-goers, they must find a man in costume carrying their next clue.

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Short stature and heavy backpacks make this task more difficult, so clearly DeAngelo and Gary in a super jacket are the first to arrive at Carnivale. They locate their next guide, who comes armed with tickets to the neighboring island of Tobago. Jerry, Frank, Riley, and Madison are not far behind. He finally comes to the challenge with his brother / sister group, Eswar and Abarna, which Eswar calls “frustrated”.

… TOBAGO! | Flight 1 gives some contestants a 30-minute advantage. They jump in taxis in search of Swallows Beach, as they have to travel by boat to the Nylon Pool in search of a painted fish that matches those in their boat. Chee and Hung make a huge mistake, remember a four-digit lock combination, but Not Fish fin colors. They aren’t the only ones who get flopped: Jerry and Frank forget even looking at their group.

Michel and Victoria are the first to unlock the matched fish and receive the following clue, asking them to head to Pigeon Point; Riley and Madison are hot on their path.

Road block | “Who thinks they can Solid Show? ”Players must join a band of drummers and play part of“ Banana Boat (Day-O) Song ”on an iron board. If they play the right notes and keep the tempo, they get the next clue. While most bands get into the groove, it starts Olympian Kelly and Lavon are in a panic.Eventually they find their fish in the pond, but it will take a lot For them to catch up and avoid exclusion.

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Michelle takes her first stab at performing the steel cylinder and fails. Che gives her a whirl and kills her, as if he’s been playing the island instrument all his life. However, Chi and Hong take the lead. They are then asked to raise her to Buccoo, race with a goat and meet an elephant at their first stopover.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s second attempt was successful, and after a montage of false notes, silly weirdness and diminishing patience, Madison also got the green light.

Premiere of The Amazing Race Season 32Pit stop | Michelle’s goats take off without her as she falls to the ground. Hong is also doing a crash landing, even though hers is on the finish mat, making her and Chee the official winners of the first round! Phil tells them to tear up and read the next guide, as they head to Colombia. Then Michel and Victoria finished second.

The last trio of teams fighting with Road Block includes Nathan, Cody, Olympians and soccer players. Nobody seems to be able to hold the tune, even Gary finally He pulls it out and gets the job done, leaving Kelly and Cody in his wake.

Who was eliminated? | The four professional athletes took the ninth and tenth places, leaving Nathan and Cody in last place. Unfortunately for them, this is is being The exclusion leg, and their race unfortunately ended.

Were you sad to see Nathan and Cody go? Rate the episode, then root your favorites in the comments below!

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