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After the ATP Cup, the Australian Open continues in Melbourne. Happy Slam will not start until February 8th of this year due to special quarantine regulations. Ahead of the first Grand Slam, Sky Sport checks favorites.

At the Australian Open in Melbourne, four German women and five men start. While Angelique Kerber and Alexander Zverev have a lot in the first round, Laura Siegmund has to face Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam winner.

The sky Commentators Stefan Hempel, Marcel Minnert and Paul Hoser give a brief examination of this year’s first Grand Slam tournament as usual.

Preferred Choice Men:

Marcel Minert: “Novak Djokovic is again the player who won in Australia this year and the absolute favorite. But the competition is very close. This is especially true of the Russian ATP Cup champion Daniel Medvedev and Andrei Rublev or also Alexander Zverev. There is a big question mark about Raphael’s fitness.” Nadal. Dominic Thiem still has to find his best form after the mixed ATP Cup. “


Michael Coleman, Head of the DTB Men’s Tennis Team, evaluated the Australian Open Sky Draw (video duration: 2:03 min).

Alexander Zverev – the status quo:

Stefan Hempel: “Alexander Zverev has put himself firmly into the ATP Cup. The stadiums in Melbourne, which have been particularly fast this year, suit him very well with his strong serve. But the second serve is still worrying. The safe alternative to the short-time kick is still to be missed.” Here the ATP Cup made Zverev against Djokovic and Medvedev every 5: 5 in the third set the decisive duo scored in Brickball and thus lost matches. Such mistakes make the difference in the global elite. But Zverev can settle down more and play the struggling full back with, then he can Expect to do a lot of “Down Under.” The basic structure is still impressive. A draw means good for him – even the possible quarter-final against Djokovic. “

Opportunities for other Germans:

Paul Homes: “For Jean-Lennard Struve this time, there is a lot in the first round with substitute Christopher O’Connell. But in the second round,“ Too Hard ”Roberto Bautista Agut. Struff performed admirably in the ATP Cup. Confidence also increased after victories against Milos Raonic and Douzan Lyoviش: Maybe “Strovi” could surprise him against the powerful Spaniard, “RBA”.


Probably the best Rally in the ATP Cup so far with “Double Twainer between Berettini and Bautista Agut – Final match between Italy and Russia today from 11:30 pm live on Sky Sport 1 (video duration: 38 seconds).

Cedric Marcel Stipe slipped into the main draw as a lucky loser, but previously had to spend two weeks in a hotel room in a difficult quarantine. Against young star Felix Auger-Elyasime, he’s now a blatant outsider.

Just like Yannick Hanfman in a duel against Andrey Rublev. Hanfman faces one of the hottest players of the hour and the secret favorite to win the title.

With Dominic Kupfer, I’m really looking forward to his potential second-round match against Dominic Theam. To do this, the “bull” must first take Bolivian Hugo Delaine out of the way. “

Dark Horses – Must Watch Players:

Stefan Hempel: Nick Kergius – The Punisher is back.

Paul Homes: “After winning the second championship in a row, Jannik Sinner is a very hot candidate for me to really mix the field. The big problem: In the first round, he met Denis Shapovalov, number 12 in the world and a very dangerous candidate for the Grand Slam throwing giant.”

Marcel Minert: “After his second ATP title, Yannick Sener wants to keep making a big splash at Grand Slam level – his match against Denis Shapovalov is perhaps the highlight of Round One. Also exciting: How dangerous is Nick Kyrgios after a hiatus of about a year Or does Alex de Minor paint in front of the home audience again?

Favorite Choice for Women:

Paul Homes: “I see Naomi Osaka in the front. Behind them come many exciting hunters like Ashley Barty, Sophia Kenin, Simona Halep, Garbin Muguruza, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka or even French Open winner Ija Swiatik. This time, there is a lot more that could be Conducted in the Women’s Championship due to the long break and harsh quarantine conditions, the field is likely a little more open than it actually is. ”

Angelique Kerber – Status Quo:

Marcel Minert: “After two weeks of cruel quarantine, the 2016 Australian Open winner set out without high expectations or pressure. After all: the Keel woman made a graceful impression on the dress rehearsal and could – if she played freely – be good for a surprise. In the third round at the latest, There will be a very big obstacle with the extremely strong Spaniard Garbin Muguruza. Given all these difficult circumstances, the move to the second week will be a great success. “

Opportunities for other Germans:

Paul Homes: “Laura Siegmund has been hit by a hammer. Against Serena Williams, Swabian can only win. With her tactically smart game, she definitely has a chance to spoil Williams’ powerful game. However, this match remains on Mount Everest.”

Andrea Petkovic has also been assigned a challenging and exciting assignment with Anas Jaber. I expect an amazing duel here. Perhaps Petco will have another nice surprise in his last Australian Open. “

Dark Horses – Must Watch Players:

Marcel Minert: “The women’s field is very level once again. Elise Mertens from Belgium will have what it takes to break the big players’ squad. Ekaterina Alexandrova might feel really uncomfortable with Ashley Barty early in the tournament. I’m also curious about Andreescu’s return to Bianca. – Can she compete with him?” The best in the world again? Everyone should also look at Francesca Jones. British women have a genetic defect, have only three toes in each hand and only seven toes. However, they are now on the main square for their first Grand Slam tournament.

Paul Homes: “I expect strong performances from Ekaterina Alexandrova, Annette Contavit and Maria Scary.”

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