Mark Zuckerberg is changing the way he addresses his employees


Feb 16 2022 04:09 GMT

Henceforth, he would call them “metamates,” a term that American scientist Douglas Hofstadter would have coined.

Mark Zuckerberg, president of US technology and social media company Meta Platforms, has changed the way he addresses his employees, who will now be called “metamates,” according to publishing Presented on Tuesday on her official Facebook page.

“Meta, metamates, it’s about.” Be good administrators About our company and our mission, “as the text reads.” It is about the sense of responsibility we have for our collective success and for each other as team members. It’s about taking care of our company and each other.”

Zuckerberg noted that they just updated the Meta values, because so many things have changed since 2007 that they now have a global community, scale, and are the metaverse that is building the future of social connectivity.

new values

The 37-year-old entrepreneur describes the new values ​​like these: moving quickly together in one direction as a company, not just as individuals; focus on long-term impact; Inspire more people. Building a future of distributed work where opportunities are not limited by geography; Be direct and respectful of colleagues.

“At the end of the day, values ​​are not what you write on a website, but what we do every day,” Zuckerberg said. “I encourage you to think about these values And what they mean to you when we start working on this next chapter for our company.”

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Andrew Bosworth, a tech worker at Facebook, revealed that the term “metamates” formulated by American scientist Douglas Hofstadter after an employee emailed him asking for ideas after changing Facebook’s name to Meta last October.

‘Brutal firestorm’

Mark Zuckerberg

as interested in tradeZuckerberg and his company still suffered a “brutal firestorm” last year when the Facebook Papers revealed that Meta knows what’s harmful to users, but it undermined efforts to implement solutions for profit.

The idea was to refocus her public image on primary metaversea hot term that has been used to describe the theoretical next stage of the Internet where we play, live and work in a spatial experience using virtual reality technology.

In early February, Meta suffered its largest single-day loss in its history, posting a sharp drop of $240 billion after it released worse-than-expected fourth-quarter financial results.

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