Google has developed a new way to improve Chrome (and Chromium derivatives) performance and reduce memory and CPU usage.

RawDraw has named Google a new feature that can reduce the load on system resources by changing the way your page is displayed and rasterizing only the parts you need.

When Chrome rasterizes the output, it selects the pixels to use to draw that page, as it shows Android Police. The browser starts by dividing the page into a grid of squares approximately 256 by 256 pixels in size, and then assigns resources to each square. While this process protects Chrome from having to recalculate an entire webpage after every frame the user interacts with (or when a multimedia element is launched), this method isn’t ideal either.

This is because individual side panels can be resource-intensive on modern high-resolution displays, and can sometimes use up to 10MB of RAM, and now we’re talking about just one panel. Thinking about all the tabs you have open in Chrome makes it easy to understand the huge resource requirements. The On the other hand, developers are taking a different approach to rasterization by developing a prototype for a tool called RawDraw.

Using RawDraw, a process called Riz, which is responsible for screen rasterization by GPU diffusion, you no longer allocate textures to individual squares. This reduces memory and CPU usage so the GPU can quickly rasterize only the desired and desired tiles. This can reduce the amount supplied by up to 90 percent.

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RawDraw is now technically available under the Chrome flags, but since it is still in the early stages of development and can cause critical errors and is very unstable, its use is not recommended.

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