A member of the ransomware group “REvil” who stole the blueprint of the new MacBook Pro – Japanese version of Engadget has been arrested


The US Department of Justice (DoJ) announced today that it has arrested Ukrainian Yaroslav Vasinsky for his involvement in a group called “REvil” that launched a ransomware attack on US businesses and government agencies.

The group, REvil, targeted Apple supplier Quanta Computer in April of this year and stole the blueprints for subsequent 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.It was open to the public

This chart describes the new MacBook Pro’s features, such as the addition of an external port and a notch design, especially since the notch is not rumored to be original. I think it was the data. At the time, REvil threatened to publish additional documents if Apple did not pay $ 50 million after revealing this material on the Web.

But a few days after the request, REvil mysteriously removed all the Apple documents and extortion from their website. The reason for making such a choice is still unknown.

This does not mean that REvil has stopped wrongdoing, which caused gas shortages in the United States in May.Cyber ​​attack on Colonial Pipeline, one of the main oil pipelinesAlso involved. Furthermore, in July, a vulnerability in Kaseya’s Remote Monitoring and Management Service was used to exploit the vulnerability.Targeting 800-1500 companies around the world

The Justice Department said Vasinski was involved in the Kasaya attack, but did not say whether he was involved in the attack on Quanta. Wasinski was captured in Poland and the United States awaits his extradition.

Besides the arrest of Vasinsky, the Ministry of Justice also announced that it had seized $6.1 million received by another Revil member, Yevgeny Polyanin. .reveal

To name a few for Apple, circuit diagrams of unreleased products are important trade secrets and valuable assets. The US government cooperates with other countries to expose cybercriminal groups, and in October, several government agencies teamed up to hack the site REvil “Happy Blog” that exposes victims’ information. Go offlineI was drivingI hope that investigation efforts will continue and that the day will come when the cybercriminals are eliminated.

Source:Ministry of Justice


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