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  • Suvindu summoned Adhikari to Delhi again
  • Shuvindu is heading to Delhi today after receiving an urgent summons from Central Command
  • In the current political context of Bengal, Shovindu’s visit to Delhi is again strongly practiced in the politics of the state.

This time the digital office: He was called to Delhi again Shuvinduين to the owner (Suvindu Adhikari). Shuvindu is heading to Delhi today after receiving an urgent summons from Central Command. In the current political context of Bengal, there is a strong practice in the state’s politics about Shovindu’s visit to Delhi again. Governor Jagdeep Dankhar recently visited Delhi and met President Ramnath Kobind and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Shovindo visited Delhi and met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Federal Home Minister Amit Shah. In a few days, there is a lot of speculation surrounding Choufindu’s flight to Delhi.

Earlier, after visiting Delhi and meeting Amit Shah, Shovindu wrote on Twitter, ‘I met Federal Home Minister Amit Shah. Several issues were discussed. You have asked blessings for the people of Bengal. At the same time, the organizational issues of the party were discussed.

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It should be noted that the BJP’s dream of occupying Bengal was finally shattered at the Battle of Ekoshi due to the magic of Mamata Banerjee. Before the vote, Shovindu left the grassroots and joined the BJP. Shuvindu smiled triumphantly after losing to Mamata Banerjee in a stifling battle at Nandigram. When the BJP was defeated at the Battle of the Bengal Throne, Shovindu’s victory at Nandigram showed the light of hope. Shuvendu was assigned important responsibilities as leader of the opposition. Part of the observer community appears to rely heavily on Shuvindu in the BJP Bengal.

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Meanwhile, Governor Jagdeep Dankhar has just returned from Delhi. The manner in which the BJP central leadership summoned Shovindu on an urgent basis soon after the governor’s return from a visit to Delhi, is seen as significant.

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