Susanna Akiardi is among the Zero actresses on Netflix

Zero, Antonio Dikele Distefano’s TV series – which began filming June 25 – will premier on April 21. Among the heroes, in the role of Carolina, is also the Friulian Susanna Akiardi. With Dikele, a twenty-seven-year-old Italian writer of Angolan ancestry, he writes the series Minotti (they named it Jeeg Robot and among the authors of Vita da Carlo for Amazon), Stefano Volaggio, Massimo Vavasori, Carolina Cavalli and Lizandro Monaco. Zero is produced by Fabula Pictures with the participation of Red Joint Film.

the plot

A shy boy always used to feeling invisible. An extraordinary superpower takes over when he meets a group of friends bent on saving their neighborhood. Do it only together. Love, the desire to pursue one’s dreams, the power of friendship.

Located in the Milanese hinterland, Zero tells the story of a young African-American: Omar, better known as Zero, is a second-generation Italian boy with the extraordinary superpowers of becoming invisible.

Zero is more than a superhero, he is a contemporary hero who recognizes his powers when Barrio, the Milanese neighborhood he wanted to escape from, is in danger.

Zero in spite of himself dressed in the uncomfortable clothes of Palladian, and he would be able to open up to the world thanks to discovering his friendship with Sheriff, Inoue, Momo and Sara, and he would also learn to love.

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