Seahorses are the only animals in which males are also interested in brooding with pregnancy

1. Seahorses often appear to be swinging in the ocean. Are you dancing?

JA, even a lot. Right at sunrise, the “stallions” and “mares” in the seas huddle together, nest their noses together, and gently spin around each other. Every morning, these couples swing back and forth as if to the rhythm of music underwater, outside and during mating season. The “wedding dance” lasts up to nine hours before intercourse – and is repeated every few weeks.

2. Can you hear a seahorse?

not good. It is even more surprising that the long-beaked tropical seahorse (Hippocampal strikes), Whose communications have been particularly extensively researched, used three different sounds: special clicking sounds while courting, louder click while hunting, and humming sounds when pressed.

3. Does this fish have any medicinal use for us?

For centuries, powder made from dried seahorses has been considered a miracle cure for hair loss, rabies, side stitches and a lack of sexual desire in Europe. Traditional Chinese medicine still relies on supposed healing powers, such as kidney disease or impotence. However, there is no evidence of any medicinal effect.

4. Are seahorses the only animals in which males have children?

The male tubefish, which is closely related to the seahorse, also carries its brood over the body: the fertilized eggs stick to the abdomen or lie in the fold of the skin. But only seahorses have a true breeding bag. Once the female’s eggs are stored and fertilized by the sperm, the latter is sealed and the parents provide the fetuses with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and calcium.

Many long-snout seahorses, like this one, have spikes on their body and grow to over 15 cm.

Photo: ddp

5. Can a seahorse change color to show excitement?

Some species can adapt their color to their surroundings for camouflage, such as octopus or chameleon. Some people may express feelings this way, researchers speculate:The erect hippocampusPale to the touch.

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