Stockach Room: This year the blessings of the Carol singer are only available at the church

Hymn singers in the Stockash district are not on the road as usual this year. Christian Bär, a parish officer in the Stockach Pastoral Care Unit, said that parish officials had to make a decision to cancel star singing.

In the Krebsbachtal Pastoral Care Unit, for example, the digital suggestions of the children’s service “Die Sternsinger” were used to help. “Children in poor countries especially need the support of chanting singers this year,” says Dominic Rimmel, pastor of the pastoral unit. Petra Trackenbrod-Hübner, who accompanies the hymn singers in Egletingen, has an eye on the carol singer. “For some children, this campaign is one of the highlights of the year,” she says.

Registration for church services is necessary

But the usual home visits should be canceled. Alternatively, residents have the opportunity to visit hymn singers at the Eucharistic celebration of the Epiphany in the churches (see the bottom of the page). Dominic Rimmel explains the procedure: “All hymn singers will read their sayings and you can take a blessing poster with you and hand over your donation.” For eucharistic ceremonies, he also recommends registering with the parish office so you can definitely get a seat. Because space is limited.

“Blessing without contact – but brighter than ever” is the motto of Kindermissionswerk, under whose roof all activities come together. “Support for children – in Ukraine and around the world” is the official slogan for the 175th anniversary year. The hymn-singing campaign began on December 29th. It was extended to Maria Candlemas on February 2. To this day, blessing posters can be taken with you in all parish churches in the Pastoral Care Unit in Krebspachtal and donations can be dumped in distinct presentation boxes or parish office mailboxes. It is also possible to transfer to the parish account.

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Supporting poor children

Not only does the world need the church’s mission, but it also needs tangible help for children. “The idea of ​​children for children is especially important this year, and Lucas Imhuizer, who looks after the singers in the dual community, knows this. We not only want to bring blessings, we also want to be a blessing.” Remel recalls: Children in poor countries especially need our support.

Also at some of Stockach’s pastoral care unit church services, hymn singers will refer to the event and the carol singer’s blessing will be spoken by a carol singer. Home blessing materials are also blessed there: Wednesday in St. Oswald (10:30 am), Mahlsburg (6.30 PM), Sisenhausen (9:30 AM) and in Möllingen (9.00 am).

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