Stranger on Board: Trailer for upcoming Netflix movie

Stranger on board “Stowaway” is a science fiction film directed by the director Joe Pina (North Pole) who will appear for the first time Netflix On April 22nd. The staff consists of Anna Kendrick H Tony Collette In the main roles. Anna Kendrick plays Zoe, a medical researcher aboard a spaceship bound for Mars on a two-year mission. On board are the ship’s captain (Tony Colette), biologist (Daniel Day Kim) and an unexpected intruder (Shamir Anderson), whom the crew finds trapped inside the ship shortly after their mission begins. With the tiny barge equipped only to support three passengers and some irreparable damage to life support systems, the crew faces an impossible problem that only Zoe thinks she can solve.

I’ve never read anything like it. The characters are confined to a claustrophobic environment, but the questions that arise, of an ethical and immoral nature, are broad and profound. Tony Collette said about the movie.

Below you can see the first trailer released:

Stranger on Board focuses on the concept of being stuck in a small spot that became familiar after a year in quarantine. Ultimately, the film deals with issues such as society, survival, and sacrifice. Tension increases by locking into the spacecraft, creating a shocking contrast at times with the intense openness of an endless stellar landscape just outside of it. The actors themselves got trapped together in this environment even during filming. Fortunately, the four actors match well: Kendrick and Kim got along so well that Penna decided to add more scenes between their characters.

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