Anthony Mackie honors Captain America in new Netflix movie

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inside Outside the wire, New Netflix movie starring Anthony Mackie utters a phrase praising Captain America

The movie was added to Netflix this week Outside the wireSci-fi action that sees the hero Anthony Macy. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom, the film is set in the year 2036 and tells about a world in which all armies are now composed of both humans and robots, and whose war exploits are supported by remote-guided drones. Waiting to see how Netflix users will receive the movie, those who have already seen it may have noticed the honor that Mackie has booked for him. captain America. Also known and above all as the translator for Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mackie finds himself quoting a famous phrase that Chris Evans often repeats in films in which he plays the famous superhero.

While the movie doesn’t have much in common with the MCU, some similarities emerge between scenes between Mackie and Captain America. In this case, Mackie plays Leo, a synthetic and genetically modified organism that has been created to be the “perfect soldier”. Liu utters the fateful sentence while trying to obtain information from the enemy. In the movie, Leo is targeted by an enemy sniper, but first manages to track down the man, shoot him in the neck to stop him, and then rush to his side to extract information about his boss’s location. At that moment, Leo begins to press the wound of the dying person to get the information he needs. When the boy suggests that he does not want to give up, Leo pressures even more. Then Macy looks directly into the man’s eyes and says, “I can do it all day long“.

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This “I can do it all day long“, In English “I can do this all day longIt’s the perfect phrase for an action movie, created by Chris Evans / Steve Rogers, to the point where it has become a popular tattoo among Marvel fans. In short, it’s a fun moment that has made and will definitely make Marvel fans jump on the sofa. Great idea is an extra reason to see Outside the wire On Netflix. Remember that Anthony Mackie will reprise the role of Falcon in the series Falcon and Winter SoldierAvailable on Disney + March 19, 2021.

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