Mystery Room – Writing Contest

Hiss-Writing Competition Spring 2021 I.

Wed Mar 24, 2021 at 2:46 pm

Writing competition

On Saturday morning I got myself a sweet and delicious one Fruit tea Made with cranberry flavor for breakfast. After breakfast, my friend Janice called me and asked if I wanted to go to his father’s house Printing press Get. He works there and wants to show us everything. At twelve o’clock, I met Janice at the sports stadium in Gundolfingen. From there we rode our bikes to the printing press. It was around the corner.

Janice’s father was already waiting for us at the press. Then we went in and immediately saw the large machine that the papers could be pushed into for punching and printing. The sound was so loud that we covered our ears.

Suddenly the lights and the machine went out. “What is happening now?” I thought and looked at Janice next to me. He flinched and stuck to me. Suddenly it was quiet in the hall and the door next to it heard strange noises. It looked like someone was walking in it back and forth. That was very vague because there was the electrical box where we had to check that all of the fuses were inside. Then Janice’s father slowly went to the door and listened.

He asked, “Hello, is there anyone?” But there was no answer. He then reached for the door handle to open it, but it closed. Janice and I are with him and help us push the door.

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Suddenly I heard a jolt, the door opened, and we stumbled into the room and lay on the floor. Something was tightening my hair and I quickly turned around. Then we saw her little goat Goat family. They gnawed the cables and destroyed them to the point where the electricity went out. Since the patio door was open, the goats must have gone in there. We laughed to pieces, and Janice said, “Look how cute a little goat is!” She came to us and caressed her. It was very comfortable.

Janice’s father came and said that the goat family fled the neighboring farm. We brought the farms and put the goats back into the barn. We were even allowed to milk our mother goats there. But I didn’t like milk.
After that, Janice and I rode our bikes to the stadium to play football.

We still had to spend a fun afternoon Laugh. We won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

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