Station 19 premiere summary: Season 4 – Episode 1 – Nothing looks the same

when Station 19Jaina Lee Ortiz TVLine promised that we’d get answers about the miraculous “resurrection” of Andy’s mother at the season 4 premiere, and we have to admit that we were skeptical. Are we going to get all the answers That we need? It turns out, yeah. Yes, we will. We’ll also have an amazing hour of drama and fun that didn’t involve one but two shock. Read on, and we’ll break down a lot of it.

“You’re alert for sore eyes … and back and feet” | Resuming from where she left off for the end of Season 3, Andy finds herself face to face with her late mother. Instead of bumping into Elena’s arms, she began to breathe excessively. From there, we reduced it to three weeks after that – and by that time the epidemic had begun. In the firehouse, it happened between Andy struggling to write her father’s eulogy. “Oh my God, do I miss my wife,” he said to her while walking around to Gray Sloan to applaud the medical team when their shift was changed. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he regretted them. But Andy insisted it was fine. She and Robert chose to break up – what?!? – Ben and Miranda didn’t; They were only quarantined at work. When firefighters bumped into Tuck and Joey with their Aunt Roz (does she remember Ben’s transsexual sister?), He asked the boys if she could move in with them permanently. Once Billy was discharged from the hospital with her classmates, she and her family enjoyed a warm, socially distant reunion, while Maya and Karina made gentle eyes on each other over their masks.

Later on, some firefighters delivered the supplies to loved ones. Travis and Vic brought groceries to his parents – a risky moment between him and dad – and visited Jack Marsha, who made it clear that Marcus didn’t like it when they wore face masks because he couldn’t read lips. And how was the boy’s mother Inara? Act she Need anything? “Only you,” she tells Jack before she picks herself up. Eh, that is, “We all wish you could hang out with us.” Meanwhile, Sullivan, who now works for a private fire company, was teaching inmates how to fight wildfires. Back at the station, marvel at the fact that they worked so hard to get Herrera’s funeral in action, only to almost have to hold it. While Ben, also known as Dad, tried to convince everyone of social distancing, Dean informed Jack that Sasha might move – just to quarantine together. Well that and Pru’s help. When Andy walks through the locker room, we cut off a reunion with her mom. Things have not improved. Although her aunt begged her to hear Elena, Andy is out of the motel room running out.

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“ He might be hurt, maybe loud, and definitely stupid. ” | After Andy is out, Tia pleaded with her niece to understand that she had stayed away all those years because she didn’t know what to say. “Your mother falsified her death” comes to mind, but maybe it’s just me. Did you know Pruitt? Sandra insisted it wasn’t her story to tell. When Andy finally returns to the hostel with her mother, Elena admits that she is overwhelmed after the birth of her daughter; All she wanted to do was fight the fires. She confessed, “I loved you, but I also resented you, and I resented your father because he did the only thing we wanted to do.” Desperate and depressed, she fled to New York, where she fought fires for years. She said what she did to Andy was the biggest shame in her life. Andy noted, “But it is not your biggest regret.” She didn’t think faking her death would make Andy believe that she was, you know, dead? But Elena hasn’t faked anything. I just left; Pruitt did the rest.

Elsewhere, when Sullivan’s colleague Fowler spoke badly of the convicts they knew, Robert defended them – only to be told of it of course, Owns To feel this way, how about stealing drugs himself. All Fowler wondered was how Robert managed not to lock him up like the rest of the family! Across town, after being called to a roadside rest area to treat Billy, a non-bisexual teenager had burns after their friends’ car broke down, Travis and Fick had to turn around and head back to the site. The car somehow exploded when young Cadden tried to fix it! When Vic asked Billy if they were just scared or about something, they ran away. (Others had it already). After reinforcements arrived, the fire grew … to the point where some trees were set ablaze. even when More A backup was needed, Sullivan’s crew got the call. Can we go forward? The convict asked the banks. In response, Fowler mocked him and told Robert that these men were just cheap labor while in prison; Seattle FD will never hire them upon their exit.

station-19-recap-season-4-episode-1-nothing-looks-the sameI’ve got a teenager roast here, and you’re the closest burn center. | Oh, man, Sullivan was not Called to help his old family at Station 19, he was called to a mansion. Only you can he heard Groan inside. Ultimately, he pulled out of the emergency and set out to help Maya & Co. Although Gray Sloan told Vic the hospital does not accept non-COVID emergencies, she still holds Travis Cadden there. And over time, Andy learned that the kids were celebrating – the last two weeks of school were canceled, along with prom and everything else. Even a fellow (Jackson?) Forced his friend Frankie to come with them, despite his countless health problems. (Not great love.) When he found Ben Frankie, he seemed to have fallen on a stage. After Travis and Vic landed on Gray Sloan with Kaden, she shared with her boyfriend that she and Jackson were no longer a thing, and he wouldn’t say who he saw on a gay dating app. Was it Jackson? When Dean asked Jack for advice on whether he should let Sasha move, he asked his friend, “Do you love her?” And no, Sasha didn’t mean. Dean replied, “I’m trying not to.” Good luck with that; In you is crazy lovable.

Back in the hotel room, Elena recalls Pruitt asked her what he was supposed to say to her 9-year-old when she went. Elena said, “I tell her I’m dead.” She didn’t mean it, but … yeah, Pruitt decided it would be easier for Andy to mourn her mother than to know she was abandoned. Later, she remembered the day her first period came – and the way her father cried. She thought it was because his little daughter was growing up. Now, though … now I knew the reason was because he knew somewhere out there that her mom was choosing not to be her mom. In turn, Elena shared that when 9/11 happened, Pruitt came to get it. He begged her to come home, actually. It would have been around the same time. In the end, Andy forgave her aunt, not her mother. When Sullivan returned to pick up Fowler, he seemed completely comfortable with the dismissal. In essence, Robert said a question of right and wrong. Back at the station, she pleaded with Travis to stop showering long enough to tell her whoever saw him on the dating app. She only needed one thing to be normal, even if it was just chatter with her. So finally, he revealed that he had seen his father “wearing only chinos and a belt,” and his profile said, “Let’s I am Be your father. “Was he sure he was his father?” I gave him the belt. “Oh man. Away from that wonderful moment, just with his best friend, Travis asked Vic to move in with him forever, and they shared a fantastically embarrassing naked hug.

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station-19-recap-season-4-episode-1-nothing-looks-the same“Love me … stay” | Time to serve up Herrera, Sullivan has appeared, only to be there for Andy. She nailed the eulogy speech, crying into the eyes of her fans at Zoom (including her father’s old friends in addition to Sandra and Elena), and far from remembering one of the last things Herrera said to her, admitting that her father had given her a family in the firehouse. Halfway through our conversation, we cut short three weeks ago, when Andy Robert wrote about her mom and apologized for not being there for him. In response, he admitted that the pain prompted him to take morphine, and he is now afraid he will crave more. He added, “I need to focus on my recovery.” Far from proposing Amelia to make some space for himself, he wanted to separate from his wife – for only 90 days, to make sure he wouldn’t relapse. But “I want to live a long life,” he promised, “and love you every minute of it.”

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