Carly Pierce is “totally mutilated” after a Halloween accident


The “Every Little Thing” singer reveals that she got a “set of stitches” in her mouth after accidentally pulling her teeth in an accident late last month.

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Carly Pierce She got a “10 intense days” in the lead up to the CMA Awards ceremony Wednesday night (November 11, 20) – after her teeth were pulled out in an accident over Halloween (October 31, 20).

The country singer reflected the difficult period during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, in which she told the port that her duo is partner Lee BryceHis Coronavirus diagnosis was just one in a series of problems.

“It was 10 intense days, I’ll tell you,” Carly, who sang with her Lady pre-war‘s Charles Kelly Standing for Bryce in a pre-recorded clip before the party, sigh. “Right before it all happened, I had an accident. It happened on Halloween and I had a bunch of stitches in my mouth, and my front tooth came out, and it was, like, completely deformed.”

But she was determined that the accident wouldn’t stop her from attending the star-studded awards ceremony – which was staged in a socially distant way amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

She smiled, “so that makes it all worth it.” “I was kinda embarrassed to be here with my face and so it’s cool.”

It was so good that Carly and Kelly were able to record their performances in advance as Mrs. Antebellum ended up withdrawing from the awards ceremony entirely due to exposure to the Coronavirus.

Nevertheless, Carly kept in touch with both Charles and Lee, and told Entertainment Tonight that they were “doing good”.

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Unlike many of the televised award shows this year, the CMA Awards were held with the public despite the pandemic. CMA CEO Sarah Trainer insisted that “although the show will look a little more intimate this year, we look forward to hosting nominee artists and their guests as we celebrate the best of country music in a completely safe and remote environment. It would be an honor to gather The biggest country stars in the world together – in one room – for the first time this year.

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