State of emergency ends, what changes from April 1st: masks, green corridor and vaccination

The severity of an emergency has a specific date, and March 31But what will change from the next day, the first of April: masks, green corridor and vaccination. In this regard, the government has always been somewhat ambiguous. During the last press conference, Prime Minister Mario Draghi I announce that the government will decide one A roadmap for the gradual easing of restrictions in the coming days. But things can move much faster than expected. They are pushing in this direction a lot, while from overseas countries such as the UK have already announced “Freedom DayIn Italy we will know more these days.


Simultaneously with the expiration of the state of emergency, the obligation will not be forfeited outdoor masks. What can change is the outdoor spaces. They are no longer required to actually stroll through their city centre, While the need to wear it during outdoor performances will soon decrease. At the heart of the controversy within the government lies the possibility that it will not even demand indoor performances, whether it be in theatres, cinemas, concert halls and entertainment venues in general.

green lane

super green lane No longer required for outdoor dining in bars and restaurants. The subject of analyzes within the government these days is the possibility of signing a specific decree for these activities: in other words, whether or not to grant the possibility of removing any kind of restrictions, including the green corridor. It is currently opposed by an influential wing in the government. But even within the executive, there is a feeling that somehow it is necessary to favor tourism and economic recovery. The super green pass will almost certainly remain mandatory for all indoor sports, while the base pass will be used for outdoor sports.

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It will eventually expire Duty to show reinforced green lane on transportation Public transport over long distances and in urban areas. Also in this case, the idea behind these decisions is to encourage an influx of tourists during the beginning and throughout the summer.

Vaccination commitment

Elimination ofVaccination commitment over 50 I just agreed to it. Currently scheduled until June 15 2022 And there is no chance of seeing it fall prematurely.

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