Netflix, the best news coming this week

Netflix, the best news coming this week

Less rich than other months in terms of serial catalog, February is also approaching Netflix. In the last week of the month, we will see a not abundant distribution: a few chains, but they are really good. The first will release today, in three days instead, what for some is the most anticipated of the year.

The past weeks of February were full of releases – but not like January on Netflix did you get them all back? – Regarding the serial catalog, cutting off successes and alternating exciting failures. Last week, the second season of NASA’s highly anticipated satire space forcewith Steve Carell, while Inventing Anna proves a true failure of criticism, despite being born out of the mind of Shonda Rimes, who is considered the queen of series with titles like instinct anatomy And the scandal. But now let’s go to Released this weekwhich could be stripped down a bit for small screen fans (unless it’s the title). These are all first appearances.

Bubba Wallace: Rivalry Against All Frontiers (February 22 2022): The highly discounted was released today Documentary series in only six episodes Dedicated to Bubba Wallace, Professional driver in NASCAR The well-known American racing circuit is considered one of the best African American drivers in the history of the sport. In this new document envisioned as a season-limited miniseries, Wallace’s career becomes an opportunity to talk not only about the issue of inclusion in the sports sector, and the ongoing discrimination faced by African-American residents in certain rural areas of the 50 states. or movement Black Lives Matter Movement. But Wallace is also drawn from his origins and is primarily a driver, providing a picture of what it means to race at this circuit.

Vikings Valhalla (February 25 2022): We tell you in more depth here about everything we’ll find in Vikings Valhalla, from the cast to the plot to the number of seasons of this hotly anticipated new show of Viking’s most popular series on the small screen. The first episodes arrive in just three days with Jeb Stuart as the show maker and celebrity Michael Hurst as executive producer. Width must be set A century since the events of the sixth and final season From the main show, coinciding with the end of the premiere, The Age of Vera Cihinga. The 1066 In fact, this marked the end of the pagan era in favor of the Norman seizure of the throne, which would in fact give life to the modern royal and parliamentary structure of present-day England. Are you going to finish it by the end of the week?

15 years again (February 25 2022): Also this Friday, even if the exit from Valhalla is so bad, this one comes New teen drama Which returns to play with the theme of time loops and back to the past. Anita is actually thirty years old and has taken on all the problems and responsibilities that her life entails, at least before she finds out. A way to go back in time when he was 15 years old. He will find that things are not as simple as he remembers. In the meantime, are these 5 Netflix series ready for Valentine’s Day?

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