So you can create a shortcut

So you can create a shortcut

Always get your COVID certificate out with this trick: It only takes a few seconds!

For better or worse Passport or COVID certificate It is a constant companion in our daily lives, and until the authorities say otherwise, we will have to show it in a large number of places and occasions. For this very reason, It is recommended to always have it on hand On our mobile phone, something we already explained at the time 5 Ways to Create an Abbreviation for a COVID Certificate.

However, to simplify things further, today we will focus on the simplest way of all commented. This way, you can always have your COVID passport on hand and without any headaches, and most importantly, Without installing third-party apps. To do this, we will explain How to create a shortcut on the desktop or home screen of your Android mobile which will take you directly to the file with your COVID certificate.

That way, whenever you need it, it’s at your fingertips as soon as you unlock the phone, just a touch away. If you can not manage applications of this type wallet or widgets or if you are looking for a solution for seniors Your COVID certificate is in good standingAnd Read on!

How to create a shortcut to always have your COVID passport on hand

Your COVID passport is always close at hand with this trick

Basically what we will do is Use Google Drive shortcuts to create direct access To the previous certificate from the mobile home screen.

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To do this, we will only have to locate the PDF With the COVID Passport we will download From the health delegation that follows us. If you can’t find it, check out download folder For your Android mobile device, use your phone’s file explorer.

Once you locate it, you should open the app google drive (Google cloud). If you don’t install it, it will be weird because this app is usually found on all Android phones, so download it from google apps .

Inside Google Drive Download PDF With the COVID certificate by pressing the “+” button. Ideally, it should be uploaded directly to My Files or to a folder that you can easily locate later. Once downloaded we can move to a file Create shortcut.

Covid engine direct access

Follow these steps to create a shortcut for your COVID certificate using Google Drive

As you can see in the image on these lines, the procedure couldn’t be easier:

  • Click on three points next to the file name.
  • Swipe until you see an option “Add to Home Screen”.
  • Click there.
  • then hit “Add” Or drag the PDF icon wherever you want.
  • Return to the home screen of your mobile phone and place the new created icon in the place you prefer.

By following these steps you will create a file direct access to the COVID Passport PDF document, which will be available on the mobile home screen.

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If you want to be safe, our recommendation is that you also check the “Enable Offline Access”This way you can open the PDF even when you don’t have coverage. You can find this setting in the same menu as the “Add to Home Screen” option. Finally, one more thing you can do is Rename it to the file to better locate it.

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