Singapore woman: snake whistling snake in crying woman..rescue team shocked when it arrived! Animal rescuers searching for a hissing cobra find an electric toothbrush in Singapore


  • The woman is worried that the cobra has escaped into the room.
  • Record the votes and send a message to the rescue team.
  • Snake cannot be found after an hour-long home inspection.

The woman, who was afraid that the poisonous snake had escaped from her bedroom and was making horrific noises, called the rescue team to save her. She recorded the sounds of the cobra in the closet near the bed and sent it to them. With this the rescue team reached Hutahutina .. Engaged in the serpent. Where the noise comes and goes electric toothbrush found to be on. The woman thought her voice was a snake. This strange incident occurred in Singapore.

A woman named Xian called the rescue hotline in Singapore’s Jurong West district, crying. She vomited that the venomous snake had escaped into her bedroom and was barking. Record and send votes. With this, Singaporean rescue team officer Mohammed Safari bin Masnoor arrived at the house of Our Lady of Hotahutina and searched for the snake. The house was blown up for an hour but no poisonous snake was found anywhere. I finally went to the bathroom in the bedroom.

Is there any noise coming from there…staff saw an electric toothbrush running. The hissing sound that came like a snake stopped when I closed the electric toothbrush. She was afraid of a cobra as the sound of an electric toothbrush sounded like a snake. However, the snake’s absence there suffocated the rescue crew, including the woman. It was found that the electric toothbrush turns on automatically due to accidental ingress of water.

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“The toothbrush mechanism gets damaged as soon as the water comes out. I will buy another new toothbrush but I don’t want to use it again,” he said. He said he had to live with the noise for hours. Her voice said that I was confused as I imagined a cobra in my head.

A similar incident occurred in British Columbia a few days ago. The police were called to say the crocodile had entered their apartment. When the police came, they saw a carved crocodile. Afraid to think of it as a crocodile.

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