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Coronavirus patients developed lung damage weeks after leaving the hospital

Researchers found that patients hospitalized with Covid-19 still had lung damage, shortness of breath and a cough weeks after they were discharged from hospital.

The The long and lasting effects of the Coronavirus On physical health is a topic of growing concern; Even those who experienced “mild” COVID-19 reported symptoms that lasted for several weeks Or even months After the initial infection has cleared up.

Researchers are now on Austria It released the preliminary results of a study tracking the recovery of patients who were hospitalized due to severe coronavirus infection.

The results revealed that six weeks after leaving the hospital, 88% of patients were still showing signs of lung damage on a CT scan – such as patches that resemble ground glass – while 47% of patients had shortness of breath. At 12 weeks, these numbers were 56% and 39%, respectively.

“Survivors of Covid-19 suffer from persistent weak lung after weeks of recovery,” said Dr. Sabine Sahanic of the University Clinic in Innsbruck which is part of the team in charge of the work:


France declares more red zones for Covid-19



Cases rise in 22 US states



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