“She is close to God, and very far from the United States.” After the United States rejected Mexico, it turned to China to obtain vaccines Blog Post

With 12 million doses of Sinopharm, 20 million doses of Kexing, and 4 million doses of Cansino, Mexico said, “I want them all.” In contrast, Mexico has only 5 million doses of vaccines obtained from other sources.

Judging by the Reuters report, the reason was precisely because the United States refused a request to share the vaccine from neighboring countries that were Mexico, hard hit by the epidemic, determined to seek refuge in China.

On February 15, an elderly man was vaccinated against the new crown at a vaccination site in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. Xinhua News Agency Pictures

Mexican Foreign Minister Ebrard announced on the ninth of this month that the government signed a contract to purchase 12 million doses of Sinopharma vaccine and increase the purchase of Coxing vaccine from 10 million doses to 20 million doses. If at least 4 million doses of Cansino vaccine were added, this amount would be sufficient to dwarf the 5 million doses of vaccine obtained from other sources.

But behind the massive vaccine purchases is the dangerous situation fighting the epidemic in Mexico. According to data from the Mexican Ministry of Health, as of March 8, Mexico has newly confirmed 1,877 cases, with a total of 2,130,477 confirmed cases, ranking 13th in the world; With 319 new deaths and a cumulative total of 190,923 deaths, it is ranked third in the world, second only to the United States and Brazil.

To date, Mexico has approved six new coronavirus vaccines, including Coxing and Cansino, but only 4.7 million injections have been completed. Given Mexico’s population of 126 million and the fact that most of the new crown vaccine requires two injections, the country’s epidemic prevention work still has a long way to go.

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At first, Mexico had high expectations for its powerful northern neighbor, the United States. After Biden took office, Mexican President Lopez actively sought to deepen cooperation with the United States, hoping to win more vaccine resources for his country. On March 1, Lopez said that in his first phone call with Biden in January of this year, he asked if the United States could share a vaccine with Mexico, and said he “hoped to get the answer at today’s video meeting.”

During the meeting in March, the Mexican president changed the famous phrase “too far from God and too close to the United States” to “very close to God and not far from the United States. That’s cool.” Winner Biden Smile.



Then, after Biden took office, he repeatedly expressed his desire to “reunite allies” and “restore leadership.” Did that fulfill the desires of the Mexican president? never.

In fact, Mexico is very far from the United States.

White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki replied clearly: “President Biden has made it clear that he will focus on getting vaccines to every American. That is our focus.”

As of March 9, Mexican Foreign Minister Ebrard said Mexico is heading to China and requiring 22 million doses of the vaccine from China to fill the vaccine gap. President Lopez will take the lead in efforts to obtain more aid from China.

According to the report, Mexico hopes that if the Biden administration can achieve the goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans within 100 days, it will be able to get some vaccines from the United States, but the current vaccination work in Mexico has also been “slow”. Criticism, and officials in the country are also powerless.

A report by the US English-language media “Remezcla” to Latin America showed that Mexico already has a contract to purchase 34 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, but delivery is very slow. So far, the delivery volume is less than one-tenth of the contract amount.

The situation in Mexico is far from unique on the international stage, as the monopoly of developed countries has seriously impeded the global fight against the epidemic.

According to a report issued by the non-profit organization “ONE Campaign”, the number of new crown vaccines that the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and some European Union countries have requested so far has exceeded 3 billion doses, which is more than a billion doses. From their actual needs. The report also specifically mentioned that even under the assumption that the entire population is vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine, the total amount of vaccine required by these countries is only 2.06 billion doses, and the additional vaccine is sufficient to vaccinate the adult population of the population. The entire African continent.

Western powers, like this, only care about themselves and ignore the lives and deaths of others.

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