Afridi – Akhtar: Shoaib desired but …

Clarification regarding Shuaib throwing the racket in 2007.

Karachi: Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is not only known for his fireball but also for his polemics. Muhammad Asif, a teammate during the T20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007, was repatriated by the Pakistani board of directors. Akhtar also mentioned the incident in his autobiography. The former leader blamed Shahid Afridi for escalating the clash at the time.

Afridi caused a lot of controversy. I hit them with the racket. Afridi ran away. But Assef hits the bat on the thigh. He fell. I totally lost control. I did not act like this until after that. Akhtar explained, “Especially in the dressing room.” However, in A recent interview, Afridi said it was his joke at the time that led to the engagement. “We simply learned that at the time. Some take jokes for fun. Others don’t take it that way. Then I went between them to fix the situation. I describe got upset when he laughed with some jokes. All this happened after that. Afridi said, “Choose a good mood.”

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