Serbia angered by Djokovic’s ‘mistreatment’ and ‘humiliation’ in Australia

  • Serbian media, athletes and politicians explode over the withdrawal of the local idol’s visa

  • President Aleksandar Vucic accuses the periphery authorities of seeking political gain

There is no greater sporting champion than Serbia Novak DjokovicThe star he aspires to become best tennis player ever, If not already. He only needs one Grand Slam to break the tie Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Australia is (or confirmed on Sunday) his best chance (it’s the ‘pioneer’ he excels at), but his stubbornness about the vaccine and his incredible mistakes have put him on the ropes.

Most follow his own Loving, although some votes have already been raised against loom, who will know the final verdict this weekend after seeing how his visa was revoked for the second time.

Horror Hotel

“¡Shame! The state demands the arrest of Djokovic and his return to the state Horror HotelIt was one of the first headlines in the Serbian press after the long-awaited announcement of Alex Hawke, Immigration Minister. The new “detention” of the tennis player has not been overlooked by the newspapers and portals of the country you live with maximum intensity The Decisive Hours of the Conflict That Came so far.

Nikola BellekDjokovic’s former coach accused the Australian authorities of trying underrated The number one tennis player in the world. “he Shame“Novak does not deserve it,” Bilic told the Tanjung News Agency, annoyed by the government’s slowness in making decisions.

“They could have told him in December that he couldn’t play, that he didn’t need to travel Tournament Manager The doctors gave it to him green light Upon arrival, he was treated as a criminal. They created Mess. This is not the first time that Nol They are treated differently than Nadal and FedererAdded the man who oversaw the start of the Serbs’ career.


Vito Hawk can not surprise anyone. It was enough to see the surveys published by the Australian press these days. the 83% of the population He refused the presence of Djokovic. Those “health reasons and good order” fully correspond to the wishes of the citizens. Judge Anthony Kelly He was the only one who fueled the hopes of the Serb, who didn’t do much on his part Lying When advertising at the border.

Australia has been hit by one of the longest lockdowns in the world and yet it has suffered from a Sharp rise in cases because of the alternative omicron. Many in Belgrade consider Djokovic to have become “Scapegoat” Politician by the Australian Prime Minister’s Government Scott Morrison, Looking for a new victory in elections Mayo. The leader spoke last Tuesday with the Prime Minister Anna Bernabic to soften Diplomatic clash with Serbia, provoked by “inappropriate” treatment & rdquoor; for his star.

father’s phrase

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, also did not bite his tongue when assessing the conflict. “Because he Maltreatment and why humiliationNot only him but his family and an entire nation free and proud? “

Vucic retracted these measures in order to “flatter public opinion“And earn points in the electoral struggle.” I return to the ethical issue. If you wanted to stop Novak from winning the 10th title in Melbourne, why didn’t you do it immediately refused And I told him he couldn’t get a visa? “

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Tennis player’s father Srdjan Djokovic, She uploaded on social networks a picture of her son next to a picture of A loboand with it the message “Strength, son!”.

“Like an old rag”

The outrage on the streets of Belgrade was astounding. “The Australians run it like a old piece of cloth…are you ready for burn number one world only for political reasons.” Alexander Petrovich to Reuters. “He has won nine times in Australia and they treat him like miserable immigrant because of their own problems. Djurji Simic.

His countrymen still have a point of hope and continue to support their star, like Janko TipsarevicFormer tennis player and former Davis teammate Knoll. “he Sam’s shame To everyone involved in this process,” he wrote on his Twitter account. The new arrest and the return of the world’s number one asylum seekers to the hotel enabled for asylum seekers is yet another insult to Djokovic, who could not have imagined such a split when he announced his trip to Melbourne with medical exemption granted by the organization.

Stick to the rules

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This hard line of the Australian government provoked the Serbs, although some residents already They doubt their idol. “Your country, your Rules. If Australia asks you to be vaccinated to enter the country, do so, or you will face problems.” Jovo Tadic to Reuters. “I think he will have difficulties in other tournaments, as it seems that vaccination will be mandatory for all of them… He will have to do it if he wants to stay at the top,” Belgrade commented. Marco Stanek.

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cause the epidemic More than 13,000 people died in Serbia, That adds 1.39 million infections to a population of seven million. about the 47% of Serbs have been fully vaccinated, which is clearly lower than that of countries such as Australia (78%) and Spain (80.5%).

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