Finn Santa Claus: bearded, sober and pollinated – jigsaw

Finn Santa Claus: bearded, sober and pollinated - jigsaw

In order to be able to visit as many families as possible, a well-planned schedule – and confidence – is essential. Because Santa, officially with a reindeer sleigh, but actually with the car that has to be parked outside, she’s not allowed to drink. At the same time, liqueur is often served to them in Christmas parlors scented with ham.

Finnish tourism lives on the legend

However, this bad habit is said to be due to Vakivainen, who has been in business for 38 years. However, if its members are guilty of such behavior or appear rude, the paying customer will be refunded.

Finnish tourism is also booming due to the myth that Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland and, with his bushy beard and reindeer sledges, is responsible for giving gifts to children around the world. So there are Santa Claus Village, Santa Claus Amusement Park, Santa Claus Office and Santa Claus Foundation in Finland. According to Finnish radio YLE, all this attracts half a million tourists to Finnish Lapland every year.

One thing is clear: Santa Claus in Little Red was created in Finland

But what is really behind it? Nobody knows for sure. But what is true of the legend is that the red-painted Santa Claus created by the beverage company Coca-Cola was designed by Finnish-American Haddon Sundblom in 1931. Until 1964, the graphic artist designed forty different versions of Santa Claus for the beverage company. Well: happy birthday!

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