Seinfeld’s song hits Netflix, but some lines have been cut from view

Classic sitcom from the 90s Seinfeld Just landed on Netflix After six years of racing So Hollow. Filmed years before its release in HD, the show was originally shown in 4:3 format on TV (and on DVD sets that came out years later). But on Netflix, the show was cropped to a 16:9 widescreen format to fit modern TVs. Such as Rolling Stone noticed thatThis means that some of the optical gags have been virtually erased.

Twitter users @boriskarkov and @Thatoneguy64 briefly highlighted an issue specific to a course called “The Hole”. In the episode, George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld attempt to find George’s lost keys, which are thrown into a hole that was then paved. In a crop where George is screaming loudly into the hole, the Netflix crop completely destroys the hole. The 16:9 aspect ratio will probably cut some of the other gadgets in the series as well — or at least, it might be a contrasting experience for people accustomed to the screen’s original look.

Of course, this is not a new problem. Collected Seinfeld It has been shown on cable TV for years, and Hulu also showed the series in 16:9. Due to the popularity of Netflix, Seinfeld It’s getting a lot of extra attention right now, so it’s probably being seen by a bunch of new viewers who might not have seen it on Hulu. A similar controversy occurred in late 2019 when I’m Simpson hit Disney+. After numerous complaints about vision loss, Disney finally released seasons that were broadcast in a 4:3 aspect ratio in their original aspect ratio. Hopefully Netflix will do the same with the files Seinfeld But in the meantime, as with many classic shows, perhaps the most authentic way to watch it is on DVD.

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