Intrigue, betrayal, twists and turns in this popular Netflix series now in season 4

The streaming giant is offering more and more content rich with important and current topics. His strategy has paid off with increasing success, but sometimes we just want an old-fashioned TV series. Maybe something along the lines of Pretty or Cento Vetrine, but in a modern way. We can rest assured that we’ll find just the right amount of plot, betrayal, and twists on this popular Netflix series now in its fourth season, and it’s currently among the top 10 watched in Italy, despite new episodes releasing in October. In fact, it is a remake, that is, one series inspired by another, very popular in the 80s. In short, everything you need to spend an evening on the sofa full of surprises, secrets, love and extravagance.

Intrigue, betrayal, twists and turns in this popular Netflix series now in season 4

All of these components make up a series that was already iconic in the ’80s and which, along with Netflix, is back in the spotlight. Not a simple version, but a platinum reissue with the right tunes for today’s audience. The series is Dynasty and refers specifically to the modern dynasty of two super-rich families: the Colby and the Carrington.

In the center we find an unconventional heroine, because she is ready to do anything to achieve her goals. She Fallon, daughter of a Carrington magnate, beautiful and stubborn, wants to take over her father’s company. Then we begin to understand the framework in which the various events will take place. We will move from grand, luxurious villas to exclusive places, but always with the usual problems of love and hate.

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It all begins when Fallon’s father marries a woman his daughter’s age, Crystal Flores, who plays her beautiful Natalie Kelly. This is a recipe for the accumulation of disasters and problems, both in business and in matters of the heart. Between secret love and betrayals and twists, this series will keep us in suspense.

Dynasty consists of four seasons of 22 episodes, the most recent of which was recently added to Netflix. The plot content will remain the same, to the delight of viewers. The two families are still at odds and the different love relationships will face many unexpected problems. Will they be able to resist?

The series seems to have captured the audience enough, that the manufacturer decided to renew it for a fifth season. We can then ride in peace and enjoy the ride, because the story won’t end there.


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