Second date with a Netflix story

The narration of great business ideas continues at Politeama

TOLENTINO – After the first date was successful with over 500 views that included WhatsApp, Stories. Com continues with the birth of another global giant, Netflix. Stories. com is the free broadcast meeting course, created in cooperation with Confindustria Macerata and Corporate Talks, dedicated to business culture: 3 events focusing on the creation history of important international companies, which arose out of startups, and which have become core global companies.

The second designation for is being Friday February 26 at 6.30 pm Live broadcast from Politeama di Tolentino, With a Netflix story. Does Netflix Sell Movies? Do you sell series? No: It connects people with stories and places they’ve never visited before and where they always wanted to go without knowing it, before a TV series reveals it to them. Netflix grows because it has accepted one of the world’s toughest challenges: seducing us, provoking us, and conquering us. But … how long will you surprise us again? It is the problem of all fans of the planet of all time. And unlike his algorithm, Reed Hastings knows no one has guessed the formula here yet. It is doomed to please us forever. Will he do it?

Giorgia Guerra will interpret the story and revive all stages from idea to success with the participation of Andrea Fusacchia on the sax. At the end of the story, directed by journalist Barbara Olmay, Professor of Computer Science at Marche Polytechnic University Emmanuel Frontoni, Vana Minko entrepreneur in new technologies, and Fabiola Petrella, a chartered accountant and startup specialist, will intervene. The trend is Tiziana Sensei with Tiziana Rajni scripts.

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The event will be visible for free by broadcast on Politeama’s YouTube channel at the following link:

An innovative format, developed by Andrea Dotti for Corporate Conversations, already used for training by the most important Italian companies that are made available to the public Politeama, created to understand the great entrepreneurship phenomenon of new economic brands. A course of corporate culture events for storytelling, vision, and business model for WhatsApp, Netflix and Airbnb, with interventions, lasting approximately 45 minutes, the viewer retrieves the stories by reconstructing events, circumstances and circumstances. Choices that led these “emerging” projects to become a reference player on the web. A simple story for everyone, accompanied by short musical moments, with anecdotes explaining how developing an idea can be a hit. The courage of those who believed in their ideas will be told, to nurture the initiative in the spectators and ignite their passion.

Confindustria Macerata’s active collaboration will be the link between the realities of business experiences in the region, students and all young people. deadline is Friday March 5th with Airbnb story.

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