NASA’s landing on Mars: The recording is unique – not a photo

The persevering Rover has finally reached the red planet. The Mars landing follows unprecedented recordings.

As part of its Mars 2020 mission, NASA launched the Atlas V 541 launcher into space last July. They accompanied the persistent rover and the Ingenuity drone, which was supposed to land at Eponzym Jezero, more specifically in Jezero Crater, in the northern hemisphere of the Red Planet. On February 18, 2021, the time finally came and the US Space Agency has now received the first recordings of the Marslandung Chest.

Mars landing: NASA reveals images and audio recordings

The spacecraft landed on the Red Planet on Thursday after stumbling into the atmosphere at a dizzying speed, followed by a rapid deceleration thanks to the previously unused sky lift. The Skycrane then used cables to guide the laboratory robot the remaining 20 meters to the surface. Images of Mars come from Hazcams, and are a six-lens arrangement of holographic lenses at the front and rear of the rover.

From the moment the parachute is inflated, the camera system covers the entire landing process and shows part of the rover’s condensed flight to the Jezero Crater on Mars. The recordings start from high-resolution cameras on board the spacecraft 11 kilometers above the surface and show the supersonic propagation of the largest parachute ever sent to another world, and end with the rover descending into the crater.

“A microphone attached to the rover did not collect any usable data during the descent, but the commercially available device survived the dynamic descent to the surface and recorded noise from the Jezero crater on February 20,” Writing NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in a joint press release. “After about 10 seconds of the 60-second recording, a Mars breeze can be heard for a few seconds, as well as mechanical sounds from the probe operating on the surface.”

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A new decade of space travel

The year 2021 can be interesting for science. Astronomers and star fans in particular have a reason to be happy. Three events in particular stand out, including the March 2020 mission. A strange video also showed a ghostly atmosphere on Mars.

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