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Sebastian Vettel wants Formula 1 to do more justice to its leading role in technology in order to ensure its existence. Not that this frustrates the GP star.

Sebastian Vettel is sure Formula 1 has the potential to contribute to a more sustainable world. In an interview on, the four-time world champion demands the following: “Formula 1 must guide its competitive spirit, ambition, knowledge and pace of development so that appropriate technologies for everyone are developed.” Heppenheimer sees great potential in the fuel field, for example.

In his view, very little is happening in this regard. “The decision to run biofuels at 10% in 2022 is nothing new. Why is Formula 1 lagging? There is a great opportunity to genuinely secure their presence. But this is being overlooked,” confirms the 33-year-old from Heppenheim, who does not allow neglect The argument for high costs of development. “Formula 1 always costs a lot of money. Competition and ambition have always opened up enough portfolios so far,” he waves away.

Instead, he doubts the political interests in power, when asked if no one wants to give up his advantage, Vettel complained: “It seems that this is the case. Anyway, the gravity of the situation is not understood. I find it frustrating. We know better. We still don’t. ” He is sure: “This is how we judge our disappearance into insignificance.”

“We have to evaluate the competition in a way that we can all benefit from it in the end, even people who don’t watch the races,” the 53-time GP winner is convinced. “Politicians have to set framework conditions in such a way that all the things that hurt us in the long run are so unattractive that nobody can count on them anymore. At the same time, what helps must be sustainably strengthened. For now, the opposite is still true.

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“If applied to Formula 1, it means: create incentives for beneficial innovations rather than clinging to old things just because they keep pouring a lot of money into some people’s pockets and bring fame and prestige,” Vettel adds. “He lacks the technical expertise to make concrete proposals.

But this does not change our responsibility. We are primarily an entertainment company. But there are things that are no longer appropriate for our time. As a global sport, we have a suitable platform to present typical accents around the world and convey a message. So we have to start making rapid progress, “she explains, in the 13th World Cup.

Therefore, individual interests must be curtailed. “Formula 1 needs a comprehensive strategy,” demands Vettel, and warns again: “I think we’ve ignored the issue of environmental technology as a development area for a long time.”

Tentative Formula 1 calendar for 2021

March 21: Melbourne, Australia
March 28th: ​​Sakhir, Bahrain
April 11th: Shanghai, China
April 25th: The venue is still open
09. May: Barcelona, ​​Spain
23. Never: Monte Carlo, Monaco
June 6: Baku, Azerbaijan
13. June: Montreal, Canada
June 27: Le Castelet, France
July 4: Spielberg, Austria
July 18: Silverstone, UK
August 1: Budapest, Hungary
August 29: Spa, Belgium
September 5: Zandvoort, Netherlands
12. September: Monza, Italians
September 26: Sochi, Russia
October 3: Singapore, Singapore
October 10: Suzuka, Japan
October 24th: Austin, USA
October 31: Mexico City, Mexico
14. November: Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 28: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
05. Dezember: Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

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