Sandra Oh is back, and she’s going to be the principal of a Canadian college on Netflix

Sandra Oh, beloved face instinct anatomy Which he left several seasons ago (in the series was the very popular Dr. Cristina Yang), and then starred Kill Eve, ready to win the hearts of fans with another very important role, this time the hero of the series exit (the chair) aired on Netflix from August 20, and deals with the issue of the obstacles facing women called upon to take up positions and higher responsibilities. Without forgetting a bit of sarcasm (we laugh a lot, despite the important message), the new series chronicles the challenges faced by a professor at the head of a prestigious university department in Canada. In this way, insecurities, fears, willingness to do things and prejudices that involve radical social change such as putting an institution like college in the hands of a woman must try to find a balance between being professional about a woman and a mother and a point of reference for her pupils and the professors who depend on her.

Right at the center of the scandal between giving up love for a fellow charming and maintaining the facade of an “icy” woman (who doesn’t do well and stalks gaffes), the character Oh plays often has to go against the gossip and judgments of his colleagues, trying to find his way to manage the boss’s role in his own way. . “They called me on purpose, I’m sitting on a bombshell.”

The series tells the story of Ji Eun Kim, a busy professor at Pembroke University who is the first non-Caucasian woman to head the English Department. Prejudice and difficulties are the daily order in an environment, such as a university, which is poorly governed by men. The hero is called upon to overcome daily challenges, also due to her emotional involvement with one of the teachers, one of the points where she will clash with her classmates, many of whom turn away from her when she takes on the new role. . The biggest conflicts happen, of course, with older members of the department who fear change in the system, which younger colleagues hope instead.

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The events are listed with different records, more and less serious, and the product is rated in all respects as drama. direct the chair Daniel Gray Longino, director of “Man of the Beast and Mystery.” Written by Amanda Peet with David Benioff, the latter was also involved in the project as an offer With DB Weiss (They were together originator NS an offer From Game of thrones), the series also stars Jay Duplass, Holland Taylor, Bob Balaban, Nana Mensah (who plays Professor Jasmine McKay), David Morse, Everly Karjanella (as Ji Eun’s daughter Kim Jo Jo), and Ji Young Lee (as Jo Jo’s father). ). On the other hand, the production includes Oh herself and many of the previously mentioned names which thus cover multiple roles.

The Golden Globe actress celebrated twice on July 20, and on her birthday, she thanked everyone who entered and stayed in various positions in her life, including characters who played in her long stint between film and television. Among those mentioned in her thanks is the character Christina Yang. It couldn’t be otherwise: it’s been 7 years since the iconic role played for ten seasons in instinct anatomy awarded with Golden Globes Best Supporting Actress 2005. After instinct anatomy Then he moved on to the thriller genre playing agent Yves Polastri Kill EveThe BBC America series, which earned it the second place Golden Globes In 2019, this time as Best Leading Actress. Can the chair win the hearts of fans and critics alike? That’s what we wish you some delay on this important anniversary.

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