Because the new US census questions the Republican Party about its future

The 2020 census – developed by the US Census Bureau – tells us about America in gradual and continuous change. give her demographic statisticsIn a sense, it is also possible to draw some predictive conclusions of a political nature. That is, by interpreting the census, it shows which segments of the population are rising and which are declining. This is also useful for understanding who, between the two parties that make up the American poles, starts from a favorable position in the near future. The statistics, in the case of 2020, are not entirely definitive. But some useful information is already there.

ideaAmerica As a mostly empty geographic space Not in question. But there is internal migration to the big cities. A phenomenon immortalized by the last census deserves to be recorded. To be sure, globalization is driving American citizens into the big, civilized cities. Economics – this is a model applicable to the whole West – concentrates economic operations in a select few places. The unexpected element, if any, is the one just described for offsets. Because the rest, vertical growth as a percentage of so-called minorities, has been on the phone for several decades now. As well as the dwindling white population.

African Americans make up approximately 20%. This is a demographic trend that has been going on for some time and seems to favor, due to the electoral traditions of the African American community, Democrats Joe Biden And Kamala Harris. Not for 2020, which is now a thing of the past, but for the electoral political future, starting with the next round of the midterm elections. Moreover, it is no coincidence that Republicans have been wondering for some time how to renew their relationship with minorities. Those who want to downsize Donald Trump believe that a leader who is less aggressive from an ideological standpoint could contribute to changing the narrative.

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Something that would be crucial to open up to minorities. Trump has established himself among Hispanics, who in 2020 – as reported in a mirror Capital Policy Program – 12.1% of the total – but it failed to walk the path of dialogue with most black citizens who still favored a democracy option, and this was true in both cases in which Donald applied for president of the United States. Turn towards the center for a specific part of the Republican Party, is considered an obligation. Because demographic trends do not accept gravity. The specter of successive defeats has already revealed itself.

Let us understand: it is not a question of ruling out future confirmation by Republicans in a priori fashion. Because history does not pass through such granitic certainties. But the fact that minorities vote mostly for Democrats, combined with growing numbers of African Americans and Latinos, confirms the hypothesis of a complex future for the Republican Party. In conjunction with other case studies, it is easy to note a statistical decline in the white population, which in 1980 was about 80% and stops today at less than 60%. eggs but – Also retrieved byAdnkronos – They are already a minority of American youth. In that particular age group, blacks make up nearly 60% of the total. And this could become a picture of the entire population a few years from now. Other numbers, such as those for people of Asian descent, are growing slower, but are progressing nonetheless.

Trying to do some logical thinking, we can say that because I to me, the question mark remains the question mark about the economic program of work that will be proposed to their voters. Minorities can grow, and Bernie Sanders It was proof of this, to undermine the liberal economic paradigm. At least from the point of view of the preferences expressed below in economic matters. With that, there is no doubt about the minority debate. Whereas for Republicans, as mentioned, the real question to be resolved is exactly.

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