Russian attack on Ukraine? Conduct USA Chart

The conflict in Ukraine will be the focus of the hypothetical meeting between Biden and Putin. Meanwhile, the United States plans its course of action in the event of a Russian attack on the eastern European country.

Before the video summit between the US President Joe Biden And the President of Russia Vladimir Putin he have White House Possible scenarios in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine Outline: United States of America A senior government official said Monday in Washington. Washington is not currently considering a direct military response.

If Putin invades, the government official said, “there will be an increased demand from allies on the eastern side and a positive response from the United States for additional soldiers, resources and training.” He added that the United States was not interested in “finding itself in a situation where the direct use of US forces is at the heart of our considerations.”

A “combination” of several elements

In the event of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Washington prefers a “combination” of several elements: “support for the Ukrainian army,” “strict economic sanctions” and “a significant increase in support and capabilities for our NATO allies.”

The government representative said Biden will coordinate with his European allies ahead of the video summit with Putin. In addition, Biden will speak with important European allies throughout the day to coordinate his message. After a video summit with Putin on Tuesday, Biden will become president of Ukraine Wolodymyr Selenskyj Tells.

With people like you we will definitely win.

city ​​police Anthony Blink A US government representative said he would also speak to Zelensky before the video summit. Washington throws Moscow A plan to prepare for a military invasion of Ukraine, which the Russian government denies.

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Zelensky visited soldiers on the front line in the east of his country on the eve of the video summit. He visited sites in the Donetsk region and thanked the soldiers for “protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the presidential office in Kiev declared. “With people like you we will definitely win,” Zelensky said.

Tensions have increased significantly recently

In the photos distributed by the Ukrainian presidential office, you can see how the 43-year-old president, wearing a helmet and flak jacket, presents awards to soldiers. The visit of the troops took place on the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian army. It was established after the former Soviet Republic gained its independence from Moscow in 1991.

Pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian army have been fighting in eastern Ukraine since 2014 after Moscow annexed Crimea. Russia He supports the separatists in the conflict who have declared the so-called people’s republics of Luhansk and Donetsk. More than 13,000 people have died in the conflict so far.

Tensions between Russia and the West in The conflict in Ukraine recently significantly. As Russian forces move to the border with Ukraine, there are fears that Moscow will attack the neighboring country. The government in Kiev on Friday warned of a major Russian attack in late January.

Putin can put pressure on Biden

These concerns were raised by a report in the Washington Post. Accordingly, Moscow’s plans include “intensive movements of hundreds of battalions of tactical units with an estimated 175,000 men, along with tanks, artillery and equipment.”

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It is also conceivable that Putin will use forces concentrated on the border with Ukraine to pressure Biden. Putin wants a guarantee that the former Soviet republic will not become a member of NATO.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Moscow did not expect a “breakthrough” from the talks. However, “it’s always better to talk to each other.”

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